As an advertiser, your biggest challenges are:

  1. Optimize ad spend and maximize return on ad spend (ROAS). CPCs are rising every year.
  2. Find the perfect valuable audiences for their brands and profitably increase their reach.
  3. Protect themselves from ad fraud*

What if you could solve all 3 problems?


3 Breakthrough Ad Tech stacks that

maximize your Return on Ad Spend:

CPA Optimizer outperforms your best custom look-a-like audiences for media buying in Google Adwords, Facebook and other digital ad platforms. All in real time.

Gold Lantern makes it easy to make profitable advertising and marketing decisions. Accurate conversion attribution and insightful marketing data leads to breakthrough strategy.

Ad Protector fights ad fraud. We use our ad fraud technology and blacklists to eliminate fake sites and bots. We help you get your money back from digital ad frausters.


Increase your Return on Ad Spend by 15% to 50% and scale your ad campaigns profitably.


*Ad fraud is far worse than you might think. Our testing on 10,000 websites have shown 93% fraud levels in display advertising). Uber claims they lost over 100 million in theft. It’s the criminal epidemic than almost no one is talking about.