The fairest, most profitable digital advertising marketplace in the world
on a mission to end ad fraud and increase accountability in ad tech.


The Problem…

Every day, new entrepreneurs go online, spend thousands of precious, early-stage dollars on digital ads ... and end up with little to nothing to show for it. Why? Because their marketing budget is being stolen by ad fraud and waste.

  • Ad fraud is the second most profitable organized crime in the world.
  • Advertisers are being robbed of over $51 Million a day to online scammers.
  • Up to $100 Billion a year is lost to ad fraud, and no one does anything about it.

Until now.

The Solution…

tribeOS is an open, transparent, ad fraud free digital advertising marketplace that delivers Contextually Appropriate Ads People Love™

We help advertisers and publishers run secure, ad fraud free campaigns online with our decentralized, automated, and fully transparent platform that protects campaign budgets from being scammed and puts more money back into the hands of publishers.

tribeOS delivers a blockchain-driven, permissionless, and transparent platform that puts more money to its users. TribeOS gives advertisers, publishers, and consumers the power to share contextually appropriate ads with the utmost security, privacy protection, and fraud prevention.

  • Eradicate ad fraud and ad waste.
  • Provide the largest ROI for advertisers
  • Deliver the highest revenue to publishers

tribeOS is set to disrupt the fraudulent, archaic advertising industry. Our revolutionary technology will level the playing field so everyone has a chance and encourage innovation.


tribeOS Technology

We’ve got working tech that’s in active use, protecting people around the world from ad fraud. The tribeOS technical assets include...

  • Click-fraud blocking AdShield technology
  • Gold Lantern bulletproof tracking & analytics reporting
  • Contextual ad matching (powered by A.I.)
  • Lifetime customer value tracking
  • Innovative, real-time optimization tools
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For Advertisers

  • Improve your ROI on Ad Spend
  • Make more money
  • Reach your target audience, not bots
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For Publishers

  • Improve your Revenue Share
  • Make more money
  • Optimize your content monetization
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For All

  • Better ads
  • For products and brands you want
  • No more irrelevant spam


Matt Gallant

Chief Executive Officer
Infinite Profit Solutions

James Wallace

Chief Technology Officer
Exponential University

James Tonn

Chief Operating Officer
Podium Publishing

Edward Katzin

Chief Product Innovation Officer


Marc Goodman

Singularity University

Jason Dreyzehner


Kurtis Minder


Yanik Silver


The world needed a better ad platform and now it is here. I am ecstatic to assist the tribeOS team in developing the most comprehensive set of advertising tools available, and improve the quality of online advertising...”

Josh Ellithrope,

I’m glad to be an advisor for tribeOS because I’m also eager to be one of their customers.”

Roger Ver,

The core team are some of the smartest entrepreneurs I have ever met in my entire life... Tribe is going to completely change the world of digital advertising.”

Clay Hebert, startup advisor