Breakthrough Ad Tech #1:

CPA Optimizer

Increase your ROAS 15% to 50%

CPA Optimizer outperforms virtually every “look-a-like audience” that any company creates including their own “customer audience” or segments of it. Here’s what we can share: CPA Optimizer was built by our team of geniuses with decades of experience in the “consumer identity world”. We use the immense amount of data available online to identify the unique patterns of hyper-engaged and the best converting visitors on your site by using the vast array of data that we have.

Using a REAL-TIME system, we tell Google, Facebook, and every other major advertising network exactly who you want and don’t want:

Your inclusion list of hyper-valuable potential customers.

First, our proven, proprietary algorithms constantly identifies the best audiences. We eliminate 90-95% of the people that land on your site (including the majority of customers) by using our vast database of proprietary identify graphs. We identify the BEST POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS and add them to your
HOT list.

Your exclusion list eliminates bots, tire kickers, and bad buyers.

The second thing we do is create powerful EXCLUSION lists that blacklists bots, bad customers (tire kickers), and eliminates the wrong audience and bots. We feed these back to Google and Facebook in REAL-TIME 24/7 and they know exactly who you want and who you DON’T want.

This will improve your reach to the best customer, lower your CPA, increase your conversions, and maximize your ROAS.