tribeOS is nearing the next phase in our development. It’s very exciting and we’re inviting you along for the ride. We’re about to start beta testing.

Would you like to give the tribeOS marketplace a spin? We’re looking for advertisers and publishers who’ll work with us to refine our product and make tribeOS the best it can be. Why should you jump all over this? Glad you asked…

1. Enjoy exclusive early access

The early adopter gets the worm. This opportunity isn’t open to everybody but for those who are chosen, you’ll learn the ins and outs of our marketplace before everyone else. And when we launch officially, you can hit the ground running.

2. Play an active role in development

Our goal is to make advertising better for advertisers and publishers. In other words, we’re building something that works for you. What kind of workflow do you desire? Is there a feature you’re dying to see? Is there an analytics metric you’d love to receive? We’re all ears.

3. Join the inner tribe

There’s a special place in our heart for the innovators. Our beta testers get in on the ground floor. We’re eager to meet you, work with you, and start building a fruitful business relationship today.

4. Break free from fraud today

A core component of tribeOS is our Ad Protector technology that stops ad fraud from infecting your advertising. Get your first taste of healthy, trustworthy advertising: you’ll love it.

5. Try it risk-free

Joining tribeOS in our beta phase is the perfect opportunity to test-drive a radically new business model (that will revolutionize advertising as we know it) with zero risks.

Our beta test is starting soon and applicants can sign up now to join the waitlist.

PS. For a glimpse of the tribeOS marketplace in action, watch our short demo video.

Matt Gallant

About Matt Gallant

I'm a seasoned, serial entrepreneur who’s built 13 profitable companies. My 20 years of advertising experience has prepared me perfectly for tribeOS. Over 8 million leads captured, over 13,000 marketing experiments performed, over $10 million spent on digital advertising, and over $40 million generated in online sales. My single-minded purpose is to create the most profitable advertising marketplace ever for advertisers and publishers.

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