Coronavirus has hit the global pandemic level changing everyday life. Schools have been closed, public gathering spots have been restricted, even people have been sent to work from home. Every industry has been affected including digital advertising. 

As consumers refrain from public outings and spend more time online, brands are cutting ad spend in more traditional offline ad spend such as billboards and shifting it to digital. 

The travel sector, retail, and events have reduced ad send while online food delivery services, streaming, and online news outlets have increased.

Overcautious advertisers are seriously hurting news publishers’ pockets but also missing out on a very active audience as users seek the latest on this pandemic outbreak. 

The virus was first discovered in late December 2019. By January 2020 “coronavirus” was the eighth-most blocked term on news domains at nearly 8.5 million instances, and in February it became the second most blocked keyword in the U.S., having been blocked over 38 million times across news domains. 

Brand safety concerns are not completely without ground but still, blacklisting coronavirus impacts negatively.

Earlier this month Integral Ad Science surveyed consumers to determine how they perceive content adjacencies and whether they’re changing their digital behaviors related to the pandemic. The results, 22% of respondents said it is unsuitable for a brand to appear near coronavirus content, while 78% claimed their sentiment toward brands with ads adjacent to coronavirus content would be unchanged. But,  26% of respondents said they are unlikely to engage with an ad adjacent to coronavirus content in any way.

Sources say the digital advertising industry may have to settle for a 15-20 percent growth this year as compared to the 27-30 percent that was estimated prior to the outbreak. However, hope is on the horizon. It is projected that digital ad spend will pick back up in the second half of 2020.

Making this an essential time to strategize and be able to double down once the worst has passed. Marketers’ focus should be on A.I. driven tools that will provide a higher reward for their efforts such as contextual matching algorithms. 

Contextual targeting takes more of a whitelisting approach rather than blacklisting so legitimate publishers won’t be penalized and allows advertisers to connect with rich audience outlets even in uncertain times like this.

tribeOS offers precise audience targeting. Our A.I. driven matching engine aligns advertisers and publishers to deliver Ads People Love.™ It’s the right ad, to the right user, at the right time.  

tribeOS optimizes dozens of variables to maximize conversion rates for advertisers and since the platform integrates ad fraud protection, they only pay for real human clicks.  

Every aspect of tribeOS has been carefully engineered to optimize campaign performance and provide a higher Return on Ad Spend.™ It’s the ad tech platform created to fulfill and surpass an advertiser’s needs.

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