$25 Million in additional pledged advertising dollars and a pilot test from a Fortune 500 global brand also expected

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tribeOS LOI growth

CEDAR PARK, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 25, 2020 — Affiliate Summit West is a hotbed of thousands of the most intelligent digital advertisers and marketers in the world. These digital advertisers and performance marketers all feel the pain from today’s programmatic advertising ecosystem. They’re exhausted and frustrated by being taken advantage of by today’s most popular ad networks. And that’s precisely why they are actively looking for and open to new sources of high-quality traffic.

Enter tribeOS. Now digital advertisers can run ad campaigns with confidence and peace of mind, knowing 100% of their ad spend is protected from fraud and directly reaching their target audience.

Because of that value proposition, tribeOS signed $55 million in Letters of Intent at the event. This adds to the growing ranks of future tribeOS advertisers who each pledge an annual estimated ad spend on the tribeOS display advertising platform.

As Matt Gallant, Co-Founder, and CEO of tribeOS shared, “Affiliate Summit West was a major win on every possible level. The digital advertising market has spoken. And tribeOS has answered with a solution that’s in perfect alignment with what digital advertisers, performance marketers, and affiliate marketers need today.

They told us they want high-quality traffic from an ad platform where the maximum of their ad dollars can be put to work so higher conversions will result. And that’s exactly what we are proving we can deliver.”

tribeOS Contextual Matching Engine Delivers Revenue Positive, Day Zero Profitability

The tribeOS display advertising platform is currently running live ad campaigns while in beta. These ad campaigns reveal promising results, from both an ad fraud protection and a performance standpoint.

Ad Protector, which runs ads through 12 different security filters, has detected and quarantined 33-50% fraudulent activity from bots. This means advertisers pay only for genuine clicks and impressions from real human eyeballs and not bots or scammers. Ad Protector, a proprietary component of the tribeOS tech stack features unheard of fraud prevention and protection at the opportunity bid, ad, and post-click stages.

As these campaigns evolve, tribeOS will publish ongoing case studies documenting proven performance and improving conversions of relevant ad offers.

At the heart of this embryonic and improving ad performance is the tribeOS Contextual Matching Engine. Director of Business Development Michael D’Iorio, added, “The marketers I spoke with at Affiliate Summit West really connected with tribeOS as a total end-to-end solution. Ad fraud protection isn’t an afterthought or a 3rd party addon that some other networks get away with. Ad protection is natively built into the tribeOS platform.

Then, when you add the Contextual Matching Engine, our A.I. driven ad placement tool, real human scoring of ad supply vendors, and then back it all up with total transparency via the blockchain, that’s simply impossible to beat.”

To learn more about tribeOS ad performance, schedule a one-on-one call with Mike. To discover how tribeOS is revolutionizing the display advertising ecosystem, visit //tribeos.io/

tribeOS is a fully transparent display advertising platform that prevents ad fraud and helps advertisers and publishers run safe, secure, digital ad campaigns online. The tribeOS mission: increase digital ad campaign performance by utilizing the blockchain and a proprietary technology suite featuring Ad Protector and Gold Lantern tracking. tribeOS seeks to create the fairest, most transparent, and highly profitable digital advertising platform in the world. And, in so doing, end ad fraud while increasing accountability and ease-of-use for advertisers and publishers. //www.tribeos.io/

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