tribeOS, a blockchain based digital ad tech startup, has hired Edward Katzin as the company’s lead in investment and funding strategy.

Katzin’s initial role is a challenging one: align financial, legal, marketing, operations and government forces in developing and submitting of an ICO application to Bermuda’s Minister of Finance for the FIRE token, which is the tribeOS Security Token Offering (STO).

Once completed, the ICO application will be submitted to  Bermuda’s Minister of Finance under new digital asset laws. (UPDATE: See this recent update on the Bermuda Security Token Offering. ((LINK TO ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT OFFERING BEING SUBMITTED.)) tribeOS seeks to become the first federally approved Security Token offering in Bermuda.

Katzin will also have strategic input on the tribeOS advertising marketplace and its innovative suite of cost-effective digital products and services.

As Katzin shared, “tribeOS is at the forefront of where digital advertising and marketing are heading. I look forward to my role as a capital raise ‘magnet’ helping tribeOS attract qualified investors seeking a breakthrough product with a win-win-win revenue model.”

The three wins Katzin mentions relate to benefits experienced by advertisers, publishers and visitors of the tribeOS advertising marketplace.

Edward’s proven track record of successful investment raises, product development, management, and growth comes from his 20+ years of working at the intersection of financial services, telecommunications, and technology. Katzin’s focus has always centered on building highly reliable commerce platforms operating at scale.

He has applied this experience to multiple innovative companies and projects in the fields of payments, e-commerce, high frequency trading, telecommunications, retail, and insurance.

Edward has held leadership, strategic, and product defining roles for a broad spectrum of companies from Visa and Apple and multiple startups. He has also led technology and business transformations at both large and small corporations.

While Katzin’s role is defined as a investment  advisor, he is also well versed in the entire roadmap of a tech startup, from seed funding to development, implementation, launch, and consistent growth.

Edward’s past roles have also included maximizing returns on research and development, successfully executing multi-stage product development and international launches as well as delivering innovations and solutions at scale.

tribeOS was founded by a trio of accomplished entrepreneurs possessing decades of combined business experience. tribeOS is the only advertising marketplace with a mission to end ad-fraud and truly empower the value creators of today. The tribeOS marketplace will launch in 2019.

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