Watch how Digital Advertisers can Create More Profitable Campaigns Free from Ad Crime

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HAMILTON, Bermuda, April 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The digital advertising ecosystem is broken. Ad crime runs rampant with bots and scam artists ripping off up to 50% of a digital advertiser’s ad spend. Sadly, the current platforms, while talking a good game, remain woefully short of practical and effective solutions.


The biggest challenge? The open nature of the internet itself gives free rein to ad thieves who will always remain several steps ahead of advertisers and publishers. Today’s current ad platforms are ill-equipped to provide the level of transparency needed to successfully track and stop ad fraud crime.

That’s one reason tribeOS is being built on the blockchain. Utilizing Bitcoin Cash (BCH), this provides an immutable ledger that can’t be manipulated or faked. Every transaction is visible, so ad fraud crime has nowhere to hide as it does now.

In short, the time has come for something more than just a new ad platform. How and where online advertising is transacted must evolve. And all while providing a secure, transparent platform for superior profitability for advertisers and publishers alike. (Publishers are those with websites that want to monetize their web traffic via relevant ads).

As Matt Gallant, co-founder and CEO of tribeOS shared, “Our new video of the tribeOS advertising marketplace provides real-world evidence of what digital advertisers and publishers can expect. 12 different security protocols to stop ad scammers in their tracks? Who else does that? As someone who has lost millions to ad fraud crime, it’s time for a next generation, 100% transparent advertising marketplace built on blockchain. And that’s exactly how tribeOS will forever change how digital advertising is conducted online.”

The tribeOS advertising marketplace offers four exclusive advantages over existing platforms:

  • AdOS: an easy, intuitive platform for creating digital advertising campaigns
  • Ad Protector: a proprietary technology suite of cybersecurity tools
  • Gold Lantern: unparalleled analytics for better campaign performance
  • Complete transparency via BitCoin Cash and Blockchain

Ad Protector and Gold Lantern were existing technologies that are currently being integrated into the ad marketplace by the tribeOS development team led by Dino Keco. A new feature of the marketplace available to tribeOS advertisers is “Atomic Traceability.” Advertisers will soon have never before tracking ability of micro-engagements like mouse movements, scrolling, and clicks.

Perhaps most significant, publishers will receive 85% of the revenue from their websites. That greatly surpasses the revenue split of current ad platforms. tribeOS keeps the remaining 12% to publish the ads in the marketplace while providing a comprehensive suite of ad creation and fraud prevention tools.

Overall, the tribeOS advertising marketplace helps advertisers and publishers make more money while boosting return on ad spend. (ROAS). The marketplace will officially launch in the 3rd quarter, 2019.

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For media inquiries, expert quotes and to learn more about Matt Gallant’s six-year battle with ad fraud crime and how to beat it, contact tribeOS here.

tribeOS is a blockchain-based digital advertising marketplace designed to help advertisers and publishers run secure, ad fraud-free campaigns online via a fully transparent platform. The tribeOS mission: create the fairest, most transparent, most profitable digital advertising marketplace in the world by ending ad fraud, increasing accountability, and ease-of-use for advertisers and publishers. //

Marc Harty, Public Relations Director, tribeOS
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