tribeOS is the world’s first transparent advertising marketplace. Transparency is mandatory for today’s digital advertisers and publishers. That’s because $51 million dollars is stolen from digital advertisers every single day. All traced to an organized crime second only to drug trafficking: ad fraud. The most common types of invisible ad fraud crime are fraudulent clicks, spambots and phantom views.

In January 2019 tribeOS released a third party “Ad Fraud Awareness Study.” The study revealed that while 77% of marketers know ad fraud exists only 20% believe their campaigns are affected.

The tribeOS mission goes beyond exposing ad fraud to stopping it in its tracks.

Advertisers in the tribeOS ad marketplace gain access to a suite of proprietary software and cybersecurity tools. The company’s tech stack features AdShield which stops fraudulent bots and clicks; Atomic Traceability which tracks and reports individual user behavior down to clicks and mouse movements; and Gold Lantern that delivers bullet-proof tracking and analytics reporting.

Most importantly, because tribeOS is built on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain, an immutable ledger of transaction activity is created which can’t be manipulated or faked.

And because tribeOS is blockchain based, the company has its own digital asset, a Digital Security Token called FIRE. In February 2019, with the approval by the country of Bermuda, the FIRE digital security achieved a global financial milestone in becoming the first federally approved Security Token Offering in the world. The FIRE digital security is available to qualified individual investors and may soon be available via North America exempt exchanges in the near future.

tribeOS is led by seasoned entrepreneurs Matt Gallant, James Wallace and James Tonn. The leadership group consists of advertising and technology veterans that have lost millions of dollars to ad fraud. By uniting to form tribeOS, the company seeks to empower value creators by improving advertising inefficiencies, boosting return on ad spend (ROAS) and providing a more generous revenue share to publishers running ads on their sites.

The company received initial bootstrap funding from Exponential Ventures and a $3 million seed investment from Bitmain Technology.

tribeOS is currently onboarding beta testers, advertisers and publishers leading up to its launch in 2020.