An audience can feel if a speaker has no practical experience and loses their interest. It’s not enough to merely understand the subject matter you’re talking about, you need to achieve a level of mastery. Matt Gallant does more than just share his knowledge, he puts his credibility on the line. 

Matt has proven strategies and techniques essential for success and has trained thousands of people over the course of his speaking career.

Matt is relentless in optimizing every aspect of his life, from his personal being to his professional presence. He’s a seasoned, serial entrepreneur who’s built 13 profitable companies that have generated over $50,000,000 to date. He’s also run over 15,000 scientific marketing experiments in his companies.  His 23 years of marketing experience make him the perfect speaker for your event. Matt doesn’t believe in talking about theories and opinions. He’s all about sharing what works in the real world.

When Matt shares his passion with the audience, there’s a noticeable shift. They connect. They engage. And most importantly, they’re motivated to take action.

Matt’s interactive talks and training are a far cry from the usual “teaching” style. Through personal emotional stories and anecdotes, useful frameworks and memorable metaphors he’ll connect with your audience in ways other speakers cannot. Matt understands they don’t want a lecture, they want to get motivated and leave with actionable advice.

In today’s environment, marketing and communications challenges are more impactful than ever. Matt is ready and available to demonstrate to your attendees how to triumph and win.

When Matt Gallant talks, people get inspired. Even better, they take action!

Matt doesn’t believe in giving speeches or lectures. Matt utilizes accelerated learning techniques combined with practical, hard-earned experience. So, it’s no wonder his talks engage and inspire the audience leaving a trail of action takers in his wake. 

With 20+ years of marketing experience, Matt’s an authority on the most popular marketing topics. His speaking presentations include the following focus areas:

  • Ad fraud and ad crime
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Direct response marketing
  • Maximizing Return on Advertising
  • Digital marketing
  • Peak performance and human evolution
  • Optimizing and split testing
  • Blockchain and technology
  • Health and fitness

Where is Matt Gallant speaking next?

Matt Gallant speaks frequently on many topics within digital marketing. Here is his past and present speaking calendar:

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Dec 20165 Mind and Body Hacks
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Nov 2015Waking Up Your Warrior Spirit
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Oct 201517 Step Sales Letter Formula & Words That Make Millions
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2015How to Make $250k In Health and Fitness Industry with Matt Gallant
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Feb 20125 Keys to Split Testing Success
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