A new advertising platform will be one and done without a steady, growing stream of digital advertisers and publishers. 

LOI Growth Chart, Sept 2019

Question: How did Ad Tech startup tribeOS lock-in digital advertising dollars before the platform has even launched a live beta?

Answer: Because the tribeOS value proposition resonated with multiple industries, sectors, brands, agencies and direct response advertisers. 

The pain suffered in the digital advertising market is acute. Rampant ad fraud, week upon week upon week for ad campaign approvals from major ad networks, brand safety and risk mitigation are just some of the issues digital advertisers face both today and tomorrow. 

The tribeOS tech stack provides innovative solutions to every one of those ad spend robbing challenges. This includes mature tech for both ad fraud prevention as well as tracking and analytics.

As tribeOS CEO and Co-founder Matt Gallant shared, “From a business development perspective, I’ve never seen the level of response we’ve received. Ever. And this includes the 13 previous companies I’ve brought to market that have generated seven and eight-figure sales.

My companies have personally suffered from ad fraud and the fact we can pay it forward with an innovative solution so other digital advertisers won’t suffer the same fate is rewarding beyond belief. I’m more than happy we can make digital advertisers and their agencies the true heroes in this fight by saying no to ad fraud and yes to a new traffic source that makes ad fraud it’s #1 priority.”

Over 18 digital advertisers and agencies have signed LOIs (Letters of Intent) to invest their planned annual ad spend on the tribeOS platform. Some of the bigger advertisers and publishers include Bitcoin.com, Golden Hippo and Lexicon Digital. 

One niche that has suffered greatly from the current ad networks is direct response marketers. In fact, ever-increasing compliance hurdles have made many of these marketers turn away from digital display ads completely. One frequently reason mentioned is the current networks take weeks to approve campaigns while those campaigns that aren’t approved are often not given any reason as to why. 

tribeOS provides a new traffic source for those marketers to test while expediting approvals that are FTC compliant.  In fact, many direct response marketers have pledged future ad spends to the first transparent advertising network that provides 100% accountability on every click. 

To learn more about tribeOS and discover why so many marketers, agencies, consultancies, and brands have already signed LOIs,  go here.