Are you an Advertiser? You’re being scammed.

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Ad Fraud is a $51M per day robbery that affects virtually everyone who advertises online, from big, Fortune 500 brand advertisers to emerging entrepreneurs and early-stage startups.

61.5% of all web traffic is not generated by humans

77% of display ads are never seen

20-90% of ads and clicks are fraudelent - the result of bots

85% of companies are already victims of fraud


Protect your marketing budget

tribeOS is equipped with a proprietary suite of cybersecurity and fraud prevention tools called AdShield that shuts down ad fraud and protects your precious campaign budget.

These security protocols are combined with contextual matching intelligence algorithms and robust tracking and analytics reporting tools. This means full transparency with respect to your campaign’s performance and deliver only high-quality engagement with target consumers.

tribeOS helps you make more money, increase your ROI, and finally see results from your digital marketing campaigns.

  • Connect with appropriate publishers based on targeting criteria
  • Improve your ROI with auditable fraud prevention tools
  • Make informed advertising decisions with powerful, accurate campaign tracking tools

Innovative Attribution

Advertisers are be shocked to see how many conversions they assisted, with no attribution, and therefore no revenue.

tribeOS delivers the most accurate attribution modeling technology ever created and it’s built into the marketplace.

Bulletproof Tracking

tribeOS’ bulletproof tracking system provides the most accurate visitor tracking ever offered to advertisers.

No matter if someone moves from desktop to mobile, changes IP, or even has ad-blockers tribeOS tracks ALL their actions.

Next-Generation Reporting

Many advertising platforms keep their users in the dark. If you ask an advertiser, “When do you break even?” or “How long does it take to double your investment?” they can’t answer.

We provide advertisers with our signature, fully transparent “ROI Over Time” reporting.


tribeOS stops ad fraud with AdShield, our proprietary solution. AdShield is a suite of cyber security tools that stops ‘bots’ and even human click farms from draining advertiser's ad campaigns.

  • Eliminate Ad Fraud
  • Eliminate Ad Waste
  • Increase your return on ad spend
  • Track every aspect of your campaign with the most accurate, comprehensive tracking platform ever built
  • Access to the most powerful advertising tools and DApps available

Gold Lantern

Gold Lantern is an ad management platform and web traffic tracking solution which focuses on attribution and ROI reporting. Its core functionality allows advertisers to track, verify, and report on the traffic they are purchasing.


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