Are you an Advertiser? You’re being scammed.

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Ad fraud is the second most profitable kind of organized crime in the world.

52% of all web traffic is not generated by humans

77% of display ads are never seen

20-90% of ads and clicks are fraudelent - the result of bots

85% of companies are already victims of fraud


$51 Million is lost to ad fraud every day

And no one is doing anything about it. Until now...

tribeOS is the world’s first transparent marketplace delivering Contextually Appropriate Ads People Love.™ We help advertisers make more money and protect their ad spend. We’re on a mission to create the fairest, most profitable digital advertising marketplace in the world by ending ad fraud and increasing accountability in ad tech.


We’re going to help you...

Protect your budget

Increase your Return on Ad Spend™

Run high conversion campaigns with unparalleled transparency

All the features and functions you need to run peak performing digital advertising campaigns in one powerful marketplace…

Why Choose tribeOS?

Integrity & Transparency

Open, public, auditable 
fraud prevention. Verify for yourself the behavior on every single impression and click to make sure they’re 
real human beings.

Align Your Brand & Ideal Audience

Highly relevant contextual matching to the right people based on your targeting criteria.

Improve Your Ad’s Performance

Improve your return on ad spend (ROAS) and brand engagement.

Campaign Optimization

Powerful advertising tools and accurate tracking makes it easy for you to make smart advertising decisions.

Meet the tribeOS Tech Stack


A proprietary suite of cybersecurity tools that blocks ad fraud, shuts down bots and protects your ad spend.

Atomic Traceability

Unparalleled transparency at a granular level. The ultimate unfair advantage that let's you see every aspect of engagement.

Gold Lantern

Optimize campaign performance with deep insights from our analytics tools like user habits and return-on-ad-spend over time.

Contextual Matching

A.I. driven ad placement tools deliver Contextually Appropriate Ads People Love on websites, and with publishers, you can trust.


We utilize the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain to publish transaction data for radical transparency and issue our FIRE Digital Security Token.

Innovative Attribution

Advertisers would be shocked to see how many conversions they assisted, with no attribution, and therefore no revenue.

tribeOS delivers the most accurate attribution modeling technology ever created and it’s built into the marketplace.

Bulletproof Tracking

tribeOS’ bulletproof tracking system provides the most accurate visitor tracking ever offered to advertisers.

No matter if someone moves from desktop to mobile, changes IP, or even has ad-blockers tribeOS tracks ALL their actions.

Next-Generation Reporting

Many advertising platforms keep their users in the dark. If you ask an advertiser, “When do you break even?” or “How long does it take to double your investment?” they can’t answer.

We provide advertisers with our signature, fully transparent “ROI Over Time” reporting.

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