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Advertisers around the world are losing $51 Million a day to ad fraud. It’s a crime that most people don’t know about. If you’re a digital marketer, here are 5 Facts about ad fraud that you need to know:



51.8% of all web traffic is not generated by humans

Chances are, a nice chunk of your marketing budget is being wasted serving ads to bots and not human beings.

77% of display ads in online advertising are never seen and 60% of legitimate ad inventory is not viewable per IAB standard

To cram extra ads onto a single page, scammers will scale them so small that they’re imperceptible to the human eye. The microscopic ads are still on the page though, so it counts as a display all the same and you’re paying for it.

43-46% of web ads are displayed to “suspicious” visitors

For every trustworthy internet surfer, there’s an untrustworthy one running up ad impressions and the cost of your PPC campaigns, and lowering your ROI.

30% of internet transactions are marked as fraudulent

Compromised records, breached privacy, stolen identities. It’s becoming more common every day. Hackers and saboteurs consistently threaten the legitimacy of online transactions. Your digital campaigns are no exception.

85% of companies are already victims of fraud

The rate is even higher for small businesses. Even worse, both occurrences of fraud and the dollar amounts involved are increasing every day.

It seems that from every angle, digital advertisers are getting ripped off.

If you’re in advertising, whether you’re a digital marketer or a publisher of online ads, it’s time we do something about it.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the movement to end ad fraud

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