Ad Fraud RevealedDigital advertising is an essential part of any marketing strategy. But digital advertising is riddled with fraud and waste. 

In 2017, digital ad spending surpassed all other channels for the first time in history. And it’s still on the rise. Projections estimate 67% growth in digital ad spending over the next five years.

But many businesses struggle to find success advertising online. Does that sound familiar? You’re probably a victim of ad fraud.

Ad Fraud

The numbers are staggering. Almost half of every ad dollar spent is stolen by online scammers. That’s $51 Million each day. And no one is doing anything about it.

To put that into perspective, Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme cheated his clients out of $20 Billion dollars. And the Enron scandal was over three times worse. But both pale in comparison to ad fraud. And this isn’t a one-time crime, this is every year. Around $51 Million a day.

In fact, ad fraud is the world’s most profitable kind of organized crime, second only to drug trafficking.

How can this be?

Digital advertising networks charge you based on how many people see and click your ad. But 50% of internet users are bots, not humans. They generate over 60% of all web traffic and up to 90% of ad clicks. Do you like paying for fake clicks?

A mere 8% of internet users account for 85% of all online clicks thanks to schemes like click farms.

60% of ads are not even viewable to the human eye and over three-quarters of display ads are never seen thanks to tricks like scaling them too small or placing them in pop-unders.

In addition to ad fraud, there is ad waste.

Ad Waste

Half of every ad dollar goes to serving up your PPC ads. And with service fees, advertising networks take up to 30-50%.

Only 30 to 65% of the revenue share goes to publishers, who deserve a better portion of the money generated by their site.

But with tribeOS, the majority of an advertiser’s budget goes to the publisher, with no middle man standing in the way.

And our Ad Protector technology ensures that 100% of your budget is spent on legitimate traffic from real human beings, not bots.

We’re the fairest, most profitable advertising marketplace ever and we’re on a mission to end ad fraud.

To learn more about ad fraud and how to stop it, visit tribeOS.io

Matt Gallant

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