Radical Transparency “Reckoning” Awaits in 2019

tribeOS: Confronting Ad Fraud from tribeOS on Vimeo.

How much havoc does ad fraud wreak on digital advertisers?

Unfortunately what we know about ad fraud we know from dedicated independent researchers who are working diligently to reveal the current state of ad fraud, the latest malicious tactics fraudsters use to siphon campaign dollars, and the incredible costs associated with rampant ad fraud.

But they’re only scratching the surface. The truth is, we as an industry still don’t know the whole story.

My co-founders and I are case and point to the damage done by ad fraud. Collectively, our online businesses lost millions to fraudulent clicks, spambots and phantom views. The human cost was greater still. Businesses ruined, jobs lost, and lives compromised. All while the digital ad industry sat and did nothing.

No wonder ad fraud is the second most profitable type of organized crime in the world second only to drug trafficking. Advertisers lose a shocking $51 million a day. And yet awareness of this hidden crisis remains shockingly low.

In today’s digital ad world, verifiability, radical transparency and trust barely exist. Marketers lack a reliable solution capable of protecting their ad budgets, openly verifying if the traffic is human or bots while providing accurate tracking of campaign performance.

But that’s going to change.

Our mission at tribeOS to finally bring about radical transparency and accountability in digital advertising has three main pillars. First, become a trusted voice in educating digital advertisers and publishers on the costly and often hidden realities of ad fraud.

Second, validate the knowledge and awareness of ad fraud from industry professionals in North America. This was achieved via a recently completed research study conducted by Fuse-Insights, based in Toronto, Canada. This comprehensive research study documented key ad fraud topics like overall awareness of the issue, possible solutions and who’s ultimately responsible. The tribeOS ad fraud research report will be released within the coming weeks.

The third pillar is by far the most important: develop an effective solution that solves the ad fraud problem once and for all.

We are a movement, and we are growing.

Join Us.

Matt Gallant

About Matt Gallant

I'm a seasoned, serial entrepreneur who’s built 13 profitable companies. My 20 years of advertising experience has prepared me perfectly for tribeOS. Over 8 million leads captured, over 13,000 marketing experiments performed, over $10 million spent on digital advertising, and over $40 million generated in online sales. My single-minded purpose is to create the most profitable advertising marketplace ever for advertisers and publishers.

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