In August, our engineering team: expanded our network reach; rolled out Ad Protector for all ads; and made enhancements to our user interface, admin panel, and network monitoring.

  • RTB means access to other networks
    In order to increase the amount of advertisers and publishers on the network, the tribeOS platform will integrate with other advertising networks using the RTB protocol.

  • Ad Protector integration
    We have integrated Ad Protector with the tribeOS ad exchange, enabling  Ad Protector to safeguard all ads before they’re sent for bidding.

  • Account management and reports
    The tribeOS admin panel has been updated with additional functionalities to enable advertisers to manage their accounts. Also various reports have been added to monitor the tribeOS network.

  • User-friendly interface
    The user interface has been upgraded with a much smoother design to improve user experience. One of the biggest improvements is tabular tables for presenting data without scrolling.

Matt Gallant

About Matt Gallant

I'm a seasoned, serial entrepreneur who’s built 13 profitable companies. My 20 years of advertising experience has prepared me perfectly for tribeOS. Over 8 million leads captured, over 13,000 marketing experiments performed, over $10 million spent on digital advertising, and over $40 million generated in online sales. My single-minded purpose is to create the most profitable advertising marketplace ever for advertisers and publishers.

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