Even digital advertising pros with a decade plus experience in the industry are not aware of how much ad fraud affects them. Ad fraud is an invisible crime that drains campaign is being budgets. We know this because our team conducted the research to prove it.

Shockingly, only 11% of respondents have a working knowledge of ad fraud.

Display ad fraud is an invisible, sophisticated and costly crime. With your company investing substantial funds in display advertising, there’s strong reason to believe you can significantly increase the return on your display ad spend by eliminating the costs of ad fraud from the equation.

As part of our mission is to stop ad fraud, we are spreading awareness by sharing some of the key data we’ve assembled concerning its far-ranging effects. I’d love to share this Executive Summary we prepared for digital advertising leaders like yourself at companies like yours. Just click HERE to get instant access to the August 2019 Display Advertisers Guide to Ad Fraud Awareness.

2019 Display Advertisers Guide to Ad Fraud AwarenessThis is the only ad fraud awareness guide for display advertisers. It will quickly give you a far stronger handle on this crime and its wide-ranging impact.  Our video, Confronting ad fraud, goes a little deeper into this problem.

As a digital marketing leader, your insider’s perspective on the guide we created (above) about the ad fraud epidemic that is defrauding display advertisers would mean so much to the team and I at tribeOS. We would love to hear from you, just click here to Book a 10 min call with Michael D’Iorio, our Director of Business Development.

We built the world’s first digital display advertising platform that protects your campaigns from ad fraud and helps maximize your Return On Ad Spend.™ 

We are a movement. We are growing. Come join us!

Michael D'Iorio

About Michael D'Iorio

Director of Business Development at tribeOS.

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