Do you feel that display advertising could be working better for your company?

I do too. However, friends, the harsh reality of digital display advertisers in 2019 is this…

Sophisticated ad fraudsters have created an elaborate digital mirage.

They have architected what seems to be the perfect invisible crime. Here are the 3 things the fraudsters are banking on:

  1. Fraudsters thrive knowing that you are trusting the manipulated metrics that you are seeing.
  2. Fraudsters are blending in just enough fraud so that you are still getting some positive results, despite the reality up to 52% of your campaign is being robbed.

Not malicious enough?

  1. Fraudsters take advantage of the lack of transparency that the current advertiser networks offer. These “black box networks” allow criminals to freely operate in obscurity and steal billions of dollars per year from you, me, and other advertisers.

Enough is enough. These criminals need to be stopped. At tribeOS, we don’t buy into the narrative that ad fraud is a “cost of doing business in the digital age”. 

Umm… Sorry, Mr. Scammer we disrespectfully disagree.

And for the record – it’s not OK that no one has done anything about it until NOW.

Let’s set aside 10 minutes and explore how we can put an end to this madness and help improve the results of your digital advertising. We are a movement. We are growing. Come join us, friend.

Michael D'Iorio

About Michael D'Iorio

Director of Business Development at tribeOS.

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