The backlash against display advertising fraud, scammers and the marketplace status quo is gaining serious momentum…

These pesky fraud bots never sleep… but we’ve developed an elegant answer to this complex problem with our radically transparent ad network leveraging the blockchain. We use the blockchain to record secure and immutable transaction data that you can trust, because fully authenticated analytics = peace of mind for advertisers and publishers.

We’re here to serve your company. In addition to stopping ad fraud, we’ve eliminated inefficient layers of middlemen and the “ad tech taxes” you’re forced to pay that chomp into your performance. 

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Here are some 3rd party resources you may find interesting regarding your display advertising colleagues from Unilever, Uber, Proctor and Gamble and how they’re fighting back against ad fraud…

When the timing’s right for you, here’s a 3 minutes and 52-second clip that shows the tribeOS marketplace in action. We are the first digital ad platform to make stopping ad fraud our #1 priority. 

To help fight back against ad fraud, we’d love to learn more about your challenges in detecting and stopping this crime. Your perspectives and experiences will further shape the industry discussion and the innovation behind the next wave of ad fraud detection and elimination solutions.

The bad actors are increasing in sophistication and volume and sharing your expertise can make a big, big difference.

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We are a movement. We are growing. Come join us.

Michael D'Iorio

About Michael D'Iorio

Director of Business Development at tribeOS.

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