Before you unknowingly pay for another fraudulent display ad impression, here’s 5 hard questions to ask your ad agency to ensure that they are protecting and taking good care of your advertising:

  1. What is our agency doing to protect us from ad fraud? 
  2. Is our advertising platform supplying ad fraud protection? 
  3. Can we trust the reporting and accuracy of the marketing analytics that we’re getting? (Are they only using cookies?)
  4. Are the advertising networks that we’re paying using blockchain to make sure no one can edit or manipulate our data? 
  5. Is the advertising platform we’re using transparent? Can I see what’s truly going on? Can we really trust the data? (If so, how?)


  • Does our advertising platform automatically refund us for fraudulent clicks?

I would strongly encourage you to ask these questions to your agency account rep and then listen extra carefully to their replies. In our experience, they are likely to be skillfully evaded with “non-answers.” On the surface, the words will sound good but as you peel back a layer or two, you will hear a lot of justifications and excuses. 

Make no mistake, display ad fraud gives you: false reads on the market, blatantly threatens brand safety, and inhibits your growth, while robbing your company of precious dollars that enrich cybercriminals at your customer’s expense.

If you want some refreshingly straight answers, backed by a level of data transparency not seen in the industry until now, then let’s hop on a call for 10 minutes – and we’ll both know if it makes sense to dig into this topic further or not.

We are a movement. We are growing. Join us!

Michael D'Iorio

About Michael D'Iorio

Director of Business Development at tribeOS.

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