We live in a digital era and as such, traditional advertising is no longer the answer. The smart way to promote your brand is through digital advertising. It’s more cost-effective and you can reach a wider audience. But, it’s no easy goal to achieve. Advertisers must tread with caution, the digital advertising landscape is not risk-free. 

Global digital ad spend is expected to reach $457.85 billion by 2022, and the United States is the biggest spender. Hence, let’s take a closer look. 

For the first half of 2019 US digital ad revenues totaled $57.9 billion – the highest ever for the first half of any year and a 17% increase from the first half of 2018. Though it may appear promising, the revenue is actually $30 million lower than in the second half of 2018.  A decline this large had not occurred since 2009.

Source: IAB

The growth is attributed to digital video ads as brands are turning to connected tv (CTV) to reach the increasing number of cord-cutters and cord-nevers (internet-only streamers). 

Cord-cutters are users who have ended their traditional cable tv services and have turned to internet streaming. Cord-nevers are users that have never subscribed to traditional cable tv and only stream online.

Source: IAB

The decline can be attributed to many reasons, the most impactful being ad fraud…

It wasn’t until recently brands began to grasp the devastating realities of ad fraud. It’s been an invisible enemy for far too long. Even after research, estimates of ad fraud were nowhere near accurate. But new analysis led by Juniper Research forecasts that advertisers will lose $42 billion of ad spend globally this year (a 21% increase from the $35 billion lost in 2018) and could reach $100 billion by 2023. Ad fraud is the second most profitable type of organized crime in the world, trailing after drug trafficking.

As well, recent ad fraud scandals have made headlines contributing to the spread of awareness. Here are just a few for this month:

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As a result, some brands have cut back on their ad spend, paused advertising on Youtube, and directed focus on performance-based advertising, in which the advertiser pays only when there are measurable results.

Source: IAB

This means advertisers now understand that the way to fight this multi-billion enemy is with technology, data measurements, and close monitoring. No longer will brands rely on trust when looking to advertise online. There is too much at stake. It wouldn’t be the first time ad fraud ends a business, nor the last. 

To win the war, the advertising industry must evolve. How? Adopting a business model that provides complete transparency so ad fraud has nowhere to hide. 

That’s exactly what tribeOS has done. We have created a display advertising platform the likes of which has never been done before. We’ve weaved blockchain technology with our own to provide integrity and transparency. We use the blockchain to record secure and immutable transaction data that you can verify for yourself. No more relying on trust. 

But, we didn’t stop there. We created the most powerful tech stack that combines: 

  • Built-in Ad Fraud Protector that stops bots and click-farms from draining campaign budgets
  • Atomic Traceability™ tracking so you can see every aspect of engagement from mouse movements to clicks and scrolls in real-time
  • Gold Lantern analytics for deep, data-driven insights
  • Contextual Matching that aligns the right advertisers and publishers to deliver the right ad at the right time to real human beings so you reach your ideal audience

So why don’t you join the tribe? We’re currently live with our beta client. We’re perfecting the algorithms and we’re actively blacklisting publishers, preparing the platform for our official debut in the new year. Plus, we’re offering a 5% discount for the first six months on every dollar spent to those who sign a zero risk non-binding letter of intent.  All you have to do is click on THIS LINK and fill out your details.

tribeOS is revolutionizing digital advertising. We’re on a mission to give advertisers and brands better display ad performance by ending ad fraud, serving ads only to an advertiser’s ideal audience, and increasing the transparency of campaign performance. Plus, we help publishers increase their yield by offering one of the highest revenue shares on the market. Everyone wins.

Make more money. Protect your ad spend. Advertise with tribeOS.

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