November was a month of first runs for our engineering team. We launched our Ad Protector to exceptional results.

Ad Protector first run
We are excited to announce that this month our team launched the first version of our Ad Protector tool (formerly AdShield) within our production environment for live beta testing. Not only did Ad Protector work properly, but it outperformed other existing ad fraud blockers by blocking at least 33% more fraud attempts.

For this test we ran an experiment with one of our beta clients. We used an ad fraud detection tool to filter traffic as a first pass to stop ad fraud and then we took the remaining traffic and ran it through Ad Protector as a second pass to validate its capabilities.

Ad Protector identified 33% of the already-filtered traffic AFTER the first ad fraud pass, as FRAUD.

We’re incredibly pleased with our performance of this tech tool and you should be too because it means real ad fraud protection is about to finally come to market. 

For the rest of the quarter we will continue validating and testing our Ad Protector protocols to make sure they’re iron clad in time for our official public launch in 2020.

If you’re interested in learning more about our anti-ad fraud cybersecurity tools, book a free 15 minute consultation with Mike D’iorio today. 

And stay tuned for more exciting developments from our Dev Team, right here on the tribeOS blog.

Matt Gallant

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I'm a seasoned, serial entrepreneur who’s built 13 profitable companies. My 20 years of advertising experience has prepared me perfectly for tribeOS. Over 8 million leads captured, over 13,000 marketing experiments performed, over $10 million spent on digital advertising, and over $40 million generated in online sales. My single-minded purpose is to create the most profitable advertising marketplace ever for advertisers and publishers.

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