Digital advertising currently accounts for half of total media ad spend worldwide (and over two-thirds of US). In just two years, global digital ad spend is projected to reach $517 billion.

This year, programmatic transactions (the automated technology for buying and selling ad impressions in real-time) will account for more than two-thirds of global digital ad spending.

As the industry continues to evolve and reach unimaginable heights, it’s vital for brands to utilize an ad tech partner that is right for them. Ad tech (advertising technology) are the systems and programs that powers digital advertising. Technology that helps advertisers strategize, create, manage, and analyze digital ad campaigns. The correct ad tech platform will provide a better return on investment.

Endless ad tech providers make the selection process rather challenging. Though, there are certain qualities the right ad tech solution must possess and if you know what to look for then the options decrease dramatically. In today’s industry, it’s quite rare to find all these features in one single platform, however not impossible. 

Three key considerations when selecting an ad tech partner and how tribeOS excels at each…

1. Data and Transparency

Data is what fuels programmatic advertising. It empowers marketers to understand users for effective ad campaigns. Most of today’s ad networks operate with little to no transparency of the ad trading, placement, and user engagement. As an advertiser, you need to know every interaction with your ad and where it’s served. Yet, convoluted analytics is just as bad as no data. Marketers need clear, organized, intelligent data to make smart campaign decisions

tribeOS comes with Gold Lantern so you’ll get unique and powerful campaign analytics driven by four layers of tracking over multiple domains to ensure ultimate accuracy. Additionally, domain-based reports with adjustable metrics are available as pre-configured reports. Collectively with these reports, there are advanced reports designed for quick viewing and provide a rich graphical experience for customers to track their stats over time for accounts, campaigns, ad groups and ads. For the first time, you’ll have marketing data that’s actually insightful.

The tribeOS platform also has advanced data collection abilities. Its proprietary Atomic Traceability™ technology enables user tracking at a granular level allowing you to see every aspect of engagement from mouse movements to clicks that you can watch in real-time. You have the ability to observe user behavior and see exactly what grabs a person’s attention and what doesn’t to make intelligent decisions about campaign strategy. 

Blockchain offers total transparency and immutable trust. All of the data regarding opportunities, security checks, bids, and placement is published on the blockchain so it can be verified at any time. Plus, through the use of incorruptible hashes, no one can manipulate or edit the data. Advertisers and publishers can have total confidence in what they see.

2. Targeting

Digital is always evolving. New channels and trends appear every day. Marketers require superior targetings tools to reach their ideal audience, reduce ad waste, and increase the return on investment. 

The tribeOS Contextual Matching Engine uses powerful algorithms resulting in precise audience targeting. It runs inquiries between an advertiser’s campaign targets and available ad space. When a quality match is identified, an opportunity (which occurs before a bid is ever made) is sent to the tribeOS ad exchange, and if found to be high quality and free from fraud then the ad exchange places a bid. If the bid is successful then the ad is placed on the publisher’s site. 

Moreover, the Conversion Engine optimizes dozens of variables to maximize conversion rates. I’s layers of algorithms designed to bid higher on the right people and avoid bidding on the wrong people improving engagement with your target avatars and increasing your return on ad spend.

3. Ad Fraud Protections

$42 billion are lost to ad fraud every year. Therefore, it cannot be an afterthought left to third-party ad verification. Ad fraud protection must be built right into the platform and be part of the process. It’s the only way to successfully guard your campaign dollars against this threat.

tribeOS integrates Ad Protector into its A.I. driven matching engine filtering suspicious traffic so ad fraud is blocked before a bid is even made. The Ad Protector system looks at and analyzes a range of different fraudulent indicators to build a detailed account of all traffic that flows through the system and prevents bots from inflating campaign metrics with fake impressions, engagements, and clicks.

Additionally, Ad Protector fraud reports allow you to see fraud attempts in real-time and get radical transparency on everything from blocked requests and captchas to live clicks and targeted content. 

A combination of advanced, powerful, and effective tech stack capabilities is what will determine if an ad tech platform is equipped to successfully take on the world of digital advertising, maximize your Return on Ad Spend™, and help you exceed campaign goals.

tribeOS is the ad tech solution that delivers the greatest performance possible for advertisers, the value creators of this world. Advertisers are the ones we protect and support.

When you’ve made a decision to advertise through the greatest ad tech partner which puts your interest first, I invite you to signup to advertise with tribeOS. We are currently offering a 5% discount on every dollar you spend for the first 6 months when you fill out a zero risk zero commitment Letter of Intent, and it only takes 2 minutes. 

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