If we look at your current keyword blocklist, ‘Coronavirus’ and ‘COVID-19’ are likely on it. 

The instinct to guard your brand so it doesn’t appear next to controversial content, especially during a crisis, is very strong. Just one ad amidst questionable content can be disastrous.  

The sentiment is mostly the same across the whole industry. During the height of the outbreak, ‘coronavirus’ became the second most blocked keyword. Brands fear to jeopardize their customers when the economy is struggling. 

In a recent IAB study, more than a quarter of 400 buy-side decision-makers said they plan to reduce ad spend on news publishers in the short-term. Another survey revealed  88% of news publishers had ad buyers request to cancel campaigns and 86% had advertisers request to pause ads

The pandemic is a worldwide emergency. An incident of this magnitude is bound to get massive media coverage. If blocked, will undoubtedly have negative effects on news organizations

Journalists are working tirelessly to provide true and accurate information on a topic the whole world is eagerly waiting to read, but can’t monetize their content. Industry sources say that among brands that are still advertising there is a blacklist affecting about one-third of ads from appearing adjacent to COVID-19 news

News publishers have resorted to an outright plea asking advertisers to remove blocklists from trusted news brands to ensure they can continue to fund quality journalism at a time of crisis. But, the practice continues. My hope is that any marketer reading this will remove ‘coronavirus’ from blocklists.

There’s recent research I trust will change current sentiment and put an end to this FAULTY measure. GumGum, Inc found 60% of content containing COVID-related keywords is actually brand safe. This means keyword-based brand safety is not only hurting publishers but also penalizing advertisers. Brands are missing out on volumes of SAFE  trending content, limiting their reach.

It’s time to stop seeing coronavirus as a threat. To ease your mind further, Integral Ad Science found 78% of consumers sentiment toward brands with ads adjacent to coronavirus content would be unchanged. Meaning, COVID-19 will not harm a brand’s integrity. So please, bury the fear, removecoronavirusfrom your blocklist, and go advertise.

I’ve mentioned before the enormous benefits of advertising during a recession but unfortunately, most marketers are still unaware. According to SocialPeta, digital advertising spending decreased by 23.5% in the past two months. It’s understandable to want to reduce costs during critical times, but advertising budgets shouldn’t be cut. Digital advertising is vital during a crisis, especially when such a crisis has enforced lockdowns and people are more active online than ever before

A wise marketer will see the opportunity in this. There are fewer brands advertising online which means the arena is less crowded. If you advertise online, your ads WILL be seen.

Plus, keep in mind people’s needs and wants don’t cease. Shopping continues (though mostly online), therefore you want to remain present in consumer’s mind and influence buying decision.

Another plus side of advertising right now, the advertising downturn has caused digital advertising prices to drop big time. Per-click advertising costs have been reduced by as much as 60%. Prices are lower than they’ve been in years so you get more eyeballs for much less. And, history has proven that companies that advertised in bad times actually saw the highest growth in sales and net income during the recession and the two years that followed. 

When the recession ends, you want to come out stronger and digital advertising is the answer. Internet use has increased by 70% as a consequence of the pandemic. Users are online, so that’s where your advertising dollars should go

One important point to make, digital advertising is enabled by ad tech so make sure you’re ad tech provider puts your interests first and provides you the best return on investment.  Ad tech is supposed to make the transaction smooth and deliver optimal results. 

The tribeOS platform is A.I. driven, using powerful contextual matching algorithms to align the right advertiser with the right publisher and deliver the right ad at the right time, meanwhile optimizing dozens of variables to maximize conversion rates for advertisers. Simply put, advertisers enjoy a massive boost in Return on Ad Spend.™ Plus, for every dollar spent, 85% goes to the publisher. 

This is the chance to get ahead in the game. This is the time to grow and reach new heights. Don’t let fear halt your success. The pandemic is not an obstacle. There’s always an opportunity in everything. So, if coronavirus is on your blocklist, I hope you’ll reconsider. Show your support for honest and reliable journalism and increase your reach through digital advertising.

When you’re ready to partner with the best digital advertising platform that delivers the greatest performance possible for advertisers and one of the highest yields for publishers, I invite you to sign up with tribeOS. Everybody wins. 

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