An intelligent marketer is always thirsty for ways to improve conversion rates on digital advertising campaigns. Many factors influence results and tribeOS rectifies every variable to optimize outcomes.  

Some aspects that affect campaign performance are audience targeting, ad placement, transparency, brand safety, and bot traffic–just to name a few. Most marketers are already aware of the impacts from each of these (and we’ve previously covered how tribeOS resolves them).

But, there is another conflicting factor most advertisers are still in the dark about, and that is how and why campaign results vary across browsers

All browsers are not equal. A recent study discovered Ad CPMs vary by as much as 51% depending on the browser. 

Your choice of browser can impact your ad’s performance. To help you understand why this happens, here are three main factors and how browsers play a role in each.

Ad Fraud

Ad fraud currently costs advertisers $42 billion a year. All browsers are susceptible to embedded ad fraud and malicious extensions

Pixalate looked at programmatic ad fraud rates by browser to shed more light on the subject. Here’s how the three most popular browsers came out:

  • 28% of ads on Chrome —the most popular browser— are fraudulent
  • Internet Explorer had the highest ad fraud rate at 42%
  • and Safari had the lowest ad fraud rate at 10%

and on mobile…

  • Chrome had an ad fraud rate of 38% (yet not the highest, which was Firefox with 39%)
  • Internet Explorer had 36%
  • and Safari, again the lowest, had an ad fraud rate of 9%

Audience Demographics 

Not all users are the same which is why marketers tend to break them down into groups. It helps them to target ideal customers. Marketers look at user demographics – location, age, gender, etc. 

A survey on user browser choice had some interesting and very useful findings:

  • Rural users are the most likely to use Internet Explorer
  • Urban dwellers prefer Chrome
  • Older users, 45+, prefer Internet Explorer 
  • Younger users, 18-44, prefer Chrome
  • Female users prefer Safari (while males prefer Firefox)

Market Share

Size matters, especially for digital advertising campaigns. Brands want to reach the largest– but also relevant –audience possible. Therefore, browser market share is important to consider.

 Recent Global Stats provides us with the current state of affairs:

  • Chrome holds a global market share of 63.69%
  • Safari holds 18.35%
  • and Internet Explorer holds a mere 1.71%

It’s clear that browsers play a big role in digital advertising. Perhaps bigger than most would imagine. But, tribeOS understands how significant browsers are for campaign performance.

The tribeOS Conversion Engine lets digital advertisers adjust ad bids by browser for ultimate flexibility, increased ad performance, and conversion rates.  

Currently, there are over 300 browsers (here’s a  complete list), but not all will give you the best for your buck. The Facebook browser (the mobile in-app browser) for example, though considered a major mobile browser in the US and is a big source of traffic. In our tests it performed the worst with respect to ROI. Now, advertisers can stop the flood of wasted ad spend and put it to good work.

Browser bid adjustments, the capability to see which browsers perform and kill the ones that don’t convert, is only one of the many bidding options tribeOS offers. Additionally, advertisers get access to zip code and income adjustments

tribeOS takes digital advertising to another level. If you’re already seeing a good ROI from your campaigns, just imagine the boost. The sky REALLY is the limit.

When you’re ready to maximize your ad performance and increase your Return on Ad Spend, I invite you to sign up with tribeOS.

Make more money. Protect your ad spend. Advertise with tribeOS.

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