In digital advertising, publishers are the most important players in the game. They hold the real value, the audience brands want to reach. However, the industry’s current way of doing business has left them feeling less special and perhaps even a little helpless.

As a publisher, you’ve built your site through much hard work. It’s no easy task to produce captivating content and keep users coming back for more. But, you’ve done it. You have a large and active audience that’s appealing to advertisers

To get the ad in front of those users, brands are required to go through a programmatic partner, an ad tech company. The downside here is the world of ad tech is mostly dominated by big players that unfortunately don’t operate with a publisher’s interest in mind (nor an advertiser’s for that matter ), but rather put their interest first. 

It’s been mentioned before, how ad spend is not reaching publishers, though tech platforms assure publishers get the majority of ad revenue. Most of the cut goes to ad tech and middlemen before reaching the publisher.  The Association of National Advertisers’ estimates that, when the “ad tech tax” is taken into account, publishers see between 30 and 40 cents of every dollar. Now, there’s hard data to support these estimates. 

A recent study by PCW into the most premium parts,  the highest-profile advertisers, publishers, agencies, and ad tech found that AT LEAST half of a brand’s digital marketing spend is absorbed before reaching a publisher. Let me emphasize on ‘at least’ for a moment, this means the amount lost IS higher at times and if we examined less prestigious profiles the percentage would definitely be much higher. Publishers get less and less of the ad revenue they deserve.

Other troubling findings of this 2-year study:

  • 15 percent of spending was untraceable 
  • Out of a total of 267m of ads placed online, it was only possible to match the end-to-end process for 31m
  • Almost a third of those ad-placing costs were completely untraceable

The study confirms the need for change. An improved digital advertising ecosystem that puts publishers and advertisers FIRST. An honest, equal, highly profitable, and transparent industry. 

You’ve been yearning for a better alternative to replace your current tech, yet many concerns prevent you from making a switch. But, change is good, especially when you’ve made the right choice.

This is where tribeOS comes in. We’re here to balance the field, optimize revenues, and bring transparency to every step of the transaction. 

Here are 5 benefits you would enjoy by publishing through tribeOS:

1. Higher Yields85% Revenue Share

The numbers don’t lie. Publishers are not seeing the money. Most tech providers will claim publishers keep the majority but in fact, are being short-handed. 

On tribeOS, 85% of every dollar spent goes to the publisher. This is one of the highest yields in the market. We’re not greedy, we know the game, and we play fair.  

We simplify it, advertiser’s budgets go towards ads and publishers get the biggest piece of the pie since they’re providing the value in this exchange: the traffic. We keep a small cut for enabling and enhancing the transaction.

2. Higher payouts 

tribeOS has powerful ad fraud prevention capabilities which makes it very valuable to advertisers. They KNOW for a FACT they’re budgets go to serve up ads to real human beings on the specified sites. 

Therefore, advertisers are willing to PAY MORE for high-quality placements and you enjoy bigger payouts.

3. Maximum monetization

tribeOS uses advanced tracking tools that allow publishers to see user behavior at a granular level, every aspect of engagement from mouse movements to clicks and scrolls in real-time. 

The ability to see what content your audience is viewing and interacting with empowers you to create more or new content your audience will appreciate, and so your traffic increases, and your site becomes even more alluring, resulting in maximum monetization. 

4. Enhanced user experience 

tribeOS possesses an A.I. driven matching engine that connects the right advertiser with the right publishers to deliver contextually appropriate Ads People Love™.

In simple terms, the ads will be relevant to the content on your site and served at a time users are ready and wanting to engage. 

The user’s experience will not be interrupted by annoying and irrelevant ads. Ads are meant to be useful, to guide a user to purchase a product THEY WANT quickly and simple. tribeOS delivers the right ad, to the right person, at the right time.

5. Transparency

The biggest flaw and danger the industry faces is the lack of transparency. It has been the enabler of ad crime. There’s zero accountability for funds. Ad placement and performance can’t be verified. 

With tribeOS you get complete and total transparency. Every penny, every ad, every publisher, every interaction is recorded and placed on the blockchain where it cannot be edited or manipulated, but completely verifiable. 

Enjoy unparalleled transparency in campaign performance and revenue split.

tribeOS is on a mission to make digital advertising safe and extremely profitable for every party involved. 

Our driving force is to provide advertisers the highest campaign performance and publishers one of the highest revenue shares in the market by eliminating the obstacles draining advertising dollars.

Want to see how it works? Watch this short demo video and see how easy it is to increase your yield. 

Make more money. Get your fair share. Publish with tribeOS.

Matt Gallant

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I'm a seasoned, serial entrepreneur who’s built 13 profitable companies. My 20 years of advertising experience has prepared me perfectly for tribeOS. Over 8 million leads captured, over 13,000 marketing experiments performed, over $10 million spent on digital advertising, and over $40 million generated in online sales. My single-minded purpose is to create the most profitable advertising marketplace ever for advertisers and publishers.

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