The destiny of a startup like tribeOS ultimately relies on more than just capital raises and investment funding. Nowhere is this more apparent than the bootstrap funding investment that Exponential Ventures has made in tribeOS, a blockchain-based Ad Tech startup.

What made this an ideal match of company with financial backer can be traced to the following:  a core business proposition, similar values and a shared vision of the future.

Exponential Ventures is a 30 million-dollar venture fund accelerator that invests in companies that have true potential to rapidly alleviate suffering, expand human potential, and enable access to more meaningful lives on a global scale.

What attracted Exponential Ventures to tribeOS begins with the advertising marketplace currently being developed to launch in 2019. By making ad fraud its #1 priority, tribeOS can serve as a primary catalyst for value creators to best find their tribes and, as a result, sustain business success and reach their full potential.

Exponential Ventures is founded by Toronto-based entrepreneurs James Ton and James Wallace. As James Tonn shared, “We invest in startups that disrupt systems of control and correct power imbalances, giving everyone equal and fair access to products, services and communities that help enable meaningful living.”

The democratization and transparency of an open ledger system for digital advertising was an ideal fit for Exponential Ventures.

James Wallace added, “We believe exponential startups are the best catalyst for social change. We only invest in founders who have the highest potential of exponentially scaling solutions globally.”

By securing this initial bootstrap funding tribeOS can add new hires to its core team while continuing the  buildout of the company’s software and marketplace architecture. These bootstrap funds were made available via an on-demand basis.

Since this initial funding was obtained, tribeOS has received multiple inquiries of additional funding from other sources. In fact, a significant and legitimate offer of a $3.5MM investment was declined.

Why would tribeOS say NO to the additional funding it needs?

Matt Gallant, CEO of tribeOS, provided the answer, “tribeOS is not a short-term investment juiced for a fast return. Quite the contrary. We’re in for the long haul and seek to forever change how advertisers, publishers and consumers interact within a new radically transparent digital advertising marketplace.

And because we want entrepreneurs and value creators to reach their full and ultimate potential, there will always be a “high consciousness” filter we deploy for potential investors. I’m delighted that Exponential Ventures has met and surpassed that expectation.”


Recognizing the immediate value of and long-term potential of tribeOS, the company has received a $3 Million seed investment from Bitmain Technology, ((LINK TO BITMAIN ANNOUNCEMENT)) leading developer of Bitcoin mining products including ASIC chip technology.

tribeOS will continue to seek accredited investors for continued funding and launch of its advertising marketplace. To learn more, email tribeOS here.

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