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The End of Ad Fraud? A Radical Transparency “Reckoning” Awaits the Digital Advertising Industry in 2019

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New, Eye-opening Video from Ad Tech Startup tribeOS Delivers Major Wake-up Call

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HAMILTON, Bermuda, Jan. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ –How much havoc does ad fraud wreak on digital advertisers? The founders of Ad Tech startup tribeOS are exhibit one. Collectively, their online businesses lost millions to fraudulent clicks, spambots and phantom views. The human cost was greater still. Businesses ruined, jobs lost, and it almost ended a life. All while the digital ad industry sat and did nothing.

Confronting Ad Fraud: tribeOS is a blockchain-based digital advertising marketplace designed to help advertisers and publishers run secure, ad fraud-free campaigns online via a fully transparent platform

No wonder ad fraud is the second most profitable type of organized crime in the world second only to drug trafficking. Advertisers lose a shocking $51 million a day. And yet awareness of this hidden crisis remains shockingly low.

In today’s digital ad world, verifiability, radical transparency and trust barely exist. Marketers lack a reliable solution capable of protecting their ad budgets, openly verifying if the traffic is human or bots, while providing accurate tracking of campaign performance.

That’s going to change — dramatically — as word spreads and eyes view the new “Confronting Ad Fraud” video from tribeOS. The goal: spur a long overdue dialogue and address a severely underreported issue impacting advertisers. Now, talk alone won’t solve digital ad fraud which costs the industry $5 billion a year in stolen ad spend dollars.  

As Matt Gallant, CEO of tribeOS shared, “For years we waited for someone, anyone to tackle ad fraud head on. And we’re still waiting. Since the digital ad industry refuses to act, we will. The age of black box-style secrecy with digital ad campaigns is over. The new era of radical transparency is here and tribeOS will lead the way.”

The tribeOS radical transparency mission features three main pillars. First, become a trusted voice in educating digital advertisers and publishers on the costly and often hidden realities of ad fraud. Second, validate the true level of knowledge and awareness of ad fraud from industry professionals in North America. This was achieved via a recently completed research study conducted by Fuse-Insights, based in Toronto, Canada. This comprehensive research study documented key ad fraud topics like overall awareness of the issue, possible solutions and who’s ultimately responsible. The tribeOS ad fraud research report will be released within the coming weeks.

The third pillar is by far the most important: develop an effective solution that solves the ad fraud problem once and for all.

The answer? The tribeOS digital advertising marketplace launching later this year. An open, transparent and blockchain-based platform where all transactions are visible. This provides the most open and fair digital advertising solution available today. And it’s backed by a suite of tribeOS innovative and proprietary software tools.

AdShield stops bots and fraudulent clicks; Gold Lantern delivers bullet-proof tracking accuracy and analytics reporting; while being built on blockchain provides an immutable ledger that can’t be manipulated or faked.

The black box secrecy of digital ad campaigns is ending, and a new era of radical transparency is beginning. To learn more, via an interview or expert quote from tribeOS CEO Matt Gallant, send your inquiry here.

To discover how the tribeOS mission will help end ad fraud, view the “Confronting Ad Fraud” video here or visit 

tribeOS is a blockchain-based digital advertising marketplace designed to help advertisers and publishers run secure, ad fraud-free campaigns online via a fully transparent platform. The tribeOS mission: create the fairest, most transparent, most profitable digital advertising marketplace in the world by ending ad fraud, decentralizing authority, increasing accountability, and ease-of-use for advertisers and publishers.

Marc Harty, Public Relations Director, tribeOS

In the News: tribeOS CTO James Wallace Quoted in Forbes December 1st, 2018 Issue

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James Wallace has seen the future. It’s a vision  far more revealing than those who only proffer casual and superficial glimpses. As the resident futurist at tribeOS, especially in matters of technology, Wallace sees massive shifts in the world and businesses as we know them.

Wallace sees technology and the people innovating it as true catalysts of these dramatic changes. To best understand this unique perspective look no further than where Wallace has been.

In addition to his technological mastery (Wallace has built hundreds of applications in over 25 tech startups), advertising and marketing are also in his DNA. In fact, his family’s business spans five generations of advertising experience serving Fortune 500 clients for over a century.

James had many reasons for joining forces with tribeOS, the greatest being its core mission: create an advertising marketplace that makes stopping ad fraud its highest priority. For Wallace, the losses from ad fraud are real, visceral and total millions over the years. This motivated him to build the best tools to protect not only his own companies, but the network’s advertisers and publishers as well. These tools helped form some of the foundational elements of the tribeOS software suite.

And yet Wallace’s most fervent passion involves the growing prominence of blockchain and the life and business altering potential it ultimately represents. And it’s that very reason that got Wallace on Forbes radar.

A December 1st article in Forbes titled, “Can Blockchain Technology Save the Environment?” quoted several industry authorities, including James Wallace from tribeOS. In Wallace’s view, “Blockchain can restore balance to the environment by removing all of the waste in the supply chain (of everything).”

Waste of all kinds is typically mentioned in the abstract which is why Wallace provided specifics with respect to the environment “Unintentional waste is caused by simple tracking, accounting and processing inefficiencies, which are largely due to in-operability across differing systems and error and waste caused by human interaction. Intentional waste is caused by unnecessary third-party intermediation encouraged (and protected) by crony capitalism” said Wallace.

As Wallace continued, “Indirectly, and profoundly more impactful, blockchain will naturally create environmental benefits by ensuring the significant reduction of corruption in government and its collusion with the financial and energy industries,” said Wallace. “Much of the damage to the environment is caused by unnecessary intervention by these three parties, with the sole intention of generating profits for private businesses with no care or consideration for the cost to the ecology and communities.”

Wallace concluded with a compelling thought: the seismic shift of power from the few to the many. “At a time when our political votes don’t represent our views and result in legislation that protects our environment, our dollar votes do move business mandates that can improve the environment,” said Wallace. “A growing number of consumers will buy products with an audited supply chain that shows the ecologically friendly harvesting of natural resources by workers in safe environments, purchasing and importing of goods done via fair trade agreements, and the low energy cost transportation of the product to the consumer.”

It’s easy to discover a common theme between Wallace’s blockchain prediction for the environment and the role it plays with the tribeOS marketplace. This parallel is reflected in the advantages of democratization and transparency that open ledger protocol provides on blockchain.

And for all those participating in the tribeOS marketplace, which includes advertisers, publishers and visitors, all are on equal footing with full knowledge of where, how and what is ultimately spent on ad purchases.

To get an expert quote from James Wallace about other technology topics, send an email here.

tribeOS Submits Security Token Offering and ICO Application to Bermuda Ministry of Finance

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The next pivotal step in the evolution of tribeOS, the ad fraud-free marketplace built on blockchain, was completed recently with the submission of a Security Token Offering and ICO Application to Bermuda’s Ministry of Bermuda.

Dealing with a governmental body, especially one with the intrinsic financial rigor of Bermuda, required an “all hands on deck” approach and mindset. The tribeOS team that prepared the necessary documentation included the company’s leadership, experienced digital currency consultants, an internal support team as well as three sets of legal counsel, including one that was Bermuda-based.

The stakes are high especially considering that tribeOS seeks to be the first federally approved Security Token in Bermuda.

Bermuda was a natural target since it has taken the lead on recognizing digital currencies with the recent passage of the ICO act. This on top of their already stellar reputation as a hub and headquarters to multiple Fortune 500 companies from the insurance and business services sectors.

Preparing the offering to Bermuda took a unique and strategic approach. In essence, tribeOS innovated a new model and structure for a Security Token Offering. The Security Token  provides IPO-type protections within a cryptographic asset.

With digital currencies, there are two different types of tokens: utility tokens and security tokens. tribeOS FIRE is a Security Token. A recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine about preparing a Security Token helps illuminate why these type of tokens are unique in the marketplace.

As AJ Agrawal of  Entrepreneur explains, “Rohit Kulkarni, managing director of SharesPost, argued in a guest contribution to the Nasdaq blog, for example, that security tokens represent a perfect mix of utility tokens and venture capital. Venture capital boasts: issue-investor alignment (with everyone incentivized to help the venture succeed); access to expert networks; KYC-AML compliance (which protects investors and companies from fraud and money-laundering); and regulatory oversight. Utility tokens offer investor liquidity (quick access to cash via exchanges) and a dynamic investor community.”

For investors, Entrepreneur’s Agrawal was also quick to pinpoint the attraction. “These tokens can appeal to a wide range of accredited investors when companies reach out to them properly. Traditional investors will respond to their increased liquidity and lowered administrative costs while feeling reassured by the presence of investor protections and real-world assets.”

As tribeOS awaits approval from the Bermuda Minister of Finance of the Security Token Offering [STO] the company continues to develop the ad marketplace and expects to have a demo available in 2019.

To learn more about tribeOS and the FIRE Security Token, a business white paper is available for immediate download.

Bitmain Invests $3 Million in tribeOS: Ad Fraud Prevention Hits Critical Mass

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Global leader of Bitcoin mining products backs blockchain ad tech startup

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Hamilton, Bermuda — tribeOS is pleased to announce a $3 Million seed investment from Bitmain Technology, leading developer of Bitcoin mining products including ASIC chip technology. Funds will go directly to building out the company’s core team and final development of the tribeOS marketplace, scheduled to launch in 2019.

tribeOS is a digital advertising platform built on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain designed to eliminate ad fraud and give advertisers and publishers the power to share contextually appropriate ads with security, privacy protection, and fraud prevention.

Matt Gallant, CEO of tribeOS, noted the far-reaching impact of Bitmain’s investment: “When industry leaders like Bitmain invest in a blockchain-based advertising platform like tribeOS, it signals a paradigm shift, not only in ad tech, but for the entire online advertising industry.”

Bitmain’s funding comes not a moment too soon. $51 Million a day is lost to ad fraud, the most profitable type of organized crime, second only to drug trafficking. Recent studies confirm a shocking reality: on existing digital advertising networks, up to 60-70% of an advertiser’s budget is stolen by spambots, click-farms, and ad waste.

This problem affects virtually everyone who advertises online from small, independent business owners to large digital marketing agencies and even Fortune 500 companies. No one is immune to the growing threat of ad fraud.

tribeOS seeks to reverse that. The company’s primary mission is to eliminate ad fraud and provide advertisers with greater transparency about where their display ads appear, allowing them to increase their return on ad spend. tribeOS also rewards publishers with a greater revenue share compared to existing online advertising channels.

The company has operated under-the-radar for the last five years, building and testing the key technical components of tribeOS, including a revolutionary and proprietary suite of cybersecurity tools called AdShield.

AdShield establishes an impenetrable first line of defense against click farms, spambots, and ad fraud rings. A recent eight-month beta test delivered impressive results where AdShield successfully blocked more than one billion instances of ad fraud.

The tribeOS distributed peer-to-peer network provides “auditable transparency,” making it a perfect use case for the blockchain which will deploy payments via smart contracts using Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Gallant shared, “Every company doing online marketing has lost considerable amounts of money to scammers on digital advertising platforms. Fortunately, we now see a growing awareness about ad fraud. It’s about time. This has been an invisible crime for far too long.

Platforms like ours will mean that the world’s value creators will no longer need to fight their way to sustainability, hoping to be one of the fortunate few who survive. tribeOS will end ad-fraud, allowing advertisers to find their audience quickly.”

tribeOS is currently working in partnership with the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) to issue its own security token called FIRE. The company is also welcoming advertisers and publishers to register for their beta release group and become the very first users of the advertising marketplace in early 2019.

To learn more about the tribeOS mission to end ad fraud, and gain immediate access to the latest white paper, go to



tribeOS, is a blockchain-based digital advertising marketplace designed to help advertisers and publishers run secure, ad fraud-free campaigns online using a decentralized and fully transparent platform. The tribeOS mission is to create the fairest, most transparent, most profitable digital advertising marketplace in the world by ending ad fraud, decentralizing authority, increasing accountability, transparency, and ease-of-use for advertisers and publishers alike.


Marc Harty, Public Relations Director, tribeOS

FinTech Expert Edward Katzin joins tribeOS as Key Investment Advisor

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tribeOS, a blockchain based digital ad tech startup, has hired Edward Katzin as the company’s lead in investment and funding strategy.

Katzin’s initial role is a challenging one: align financial, legal, marketing, operations and government forces in developing and submitting of an ICO application to Bermuda’s Minister of Finance for the FIRE token, which is the tribeOS Security Token Offering (STO).

Once completed, the ICO application will be submitted to  Bermuda’s Minister of Finance under new digital asset laws. (UPDATE: See this recent update on the Bermuda Security Token Offering. ((LINK TO ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT OFFERING BEING SUBMITTED.)) tribeOS seeks to become the first federally approved Security Token offering in Bermuda.

Katzin will also have strategic input on the tribeOS advertising marketplace and its innovative suite of cost-effective digital products and services.

As Katzin shared, “tribeOS is at the forefront of where digital advertising and marketing are heading. I look forward to my role as a capital raise ‘magnet’ helping tribeOS attract qualified investors seeking a breakthrough product with a win-win-win revenue model.”

The three wins Katzin mentions relate to benefits experienced by advertisers, publishers and visitors of the tribeOS advertising marketplace.

Edward’s proven track record of successful investment raises, product development, management, and growth comes from his 20+ years of working at the intersection of financial services, telecommunications, and technology. Katzin’s focus has always centered on building highly reliable commerce platforms operating at scale.

He has applied this experience to multiple innovative companies and projects in the fields of payments, e-commerce, high frequency trading, telecommunications, retail, and insurance.

Edward has held leadership, strategic, and product defining roles for a broad spectrum of companies from Visa and Apple and multiple startups. He has also led technology and business transformations at both large and small corporations.

While Katzin’s role is defined as a investment  advisor, he is also well versed in the entire roadmap of a tech startup, from seed funding to development, implementation, launch, and consistent growth.

Edward’s past roles have also included maximizing returns on research and development, successfully executing multi-stage product development and international launches as well as delivering innovations and solutions at scale.

tribeOS was founded by a trio of accomplished entrepreneurs possessing decades of combined business experience. tribeOS is the only advertising marketplace with a mission to end ad-fraud and truly empower the value creators of today. The tribeOS marketplace will launch in 2019.

Accelerator Exponential Ventures Invests in tribeOS with Initial Bootstrap Funding

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The destiny of a startup like tribeOS ultimately relies on more than just capital raises and investment funding. Nowhere is this more apparent that the bootstrap funding investment that Exponential Ventures has made in tribeOS, a blockchain-based Ad Tech startup.

What made this an ideal match of company with financial backer can be traced to the following:  a core business proposition, similar values and a shared vision of the future.

Exponential Ventures is a 30 million-dollar venture fund accelerator that invests in companies that have true potential to rapidly alleviate suffering, expand human potential, and enable access to more meaningful lives on a global scale.

What attracted Exponential Ventures to tribeOS begins with the advertising marketplace currently being developed to launch in 2019. By making ad fraud its #1 priority, tribeOS can serve as a primary catalyst for value creators to best find their tribes and, as a result, sustain business success and reach their full potential.

Exponential Ventures is founded by Toronto-based entrepreneurs James Ton and James Wallace. As James Tonn shared, “We invest in startups that disrupt systems of control and correct power imbalances, giving everyone equal and fair access to products, services and communities that help enable meaningful living.”

The democratization and transparency of an open ledger system for digital advertising was an ideal fit for Exponential Ventures.

James Wallace added, “We believe exponential startups are the best catalyst for social change. We only invest in founders who have the highest potential of exponentially scaling solutions globally.”

By securing this initial bootstrap funding tribeOS can add new hires to its core team while continuing the  buildout of the company’s software and marketplace architecture. These bootstrap funds were made available via an on-demand basis.

Since this initial funding was obtained, tribeOS has received multiple inquiries of additional funding from other sources. In fact, a significant and legitimate offer of a $3.5MM investment was declined.

Why would tribeOS say NO to the additional funding it needs?

Matt Gallant, CEO of tribeOS, provided the answer, “tribeOS is not a short-term investment juiced for a fast return. Quite the contrary. We’re in for the long haul and seek to forever change how advertisers, publishers and consumers interact within a new radically transparent digital advertising marketplace.

And because we want entrepreneurs and value creators to reach their full and ultimate potential, there will always be a “high consciousness” filter we deploy for potential investors. I’m delighted that Exponential Ventures has met and surpassed that expectation.”


Recognizing the immediate value of and long-term potential of tribeOS, the company has received a $3 Million seed investment from Bitmain Technology, ((LINK TO BITMAIN ANNOUNCEMENT)) leading developer of Bitcoin mining products including ASIC chip technology.

tribeOS will continue to seek accredited investors for continued funding and launch of its advertising marketplace. To learn more, email tribeOS here.