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Digital marketing budgets rise as events sector remains on hold

As the B2B iGaming industry reacts quickly to the seismic shift in marketing focus for 2020, many have re-routed budgets from canceled events activities to boost B2B comms, digital, and paid media campaigns.

Jools Moore, director of Arrow&Square comms and content consultancy, commented, “We’ve seen an influx of inquiries from clients and new connections keen to re-position marketing activities to online platforms across trade media outlets, social media messaging, and paid media sponsorships.  Friends in the industry and other agency owners in the iGaming community are reporting similar focus reviews for brands.”

While there are a number of digital events swiftly springing up from around the global events sector, marketers are not relying on these opportunities to temporarily replace the value of face-to-face networking opportunities, resulting in a new perspective being taken with regard to online messaging and B2B comms.

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60% of Content Containing COVID-Related Keywords Is Brand Safe

GumGum, Inc. released data indicating that a majority of online content containing keywords related to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic is actually safe for brand advertising.

“All the concerns raised lately about coronavirus keyword blocking hurting publishers are valid,” said GumGum CEO Phil Schraeder. “But this data shows that keyword-based brand safety is also failing brands. It’s effectively freezing advertisers out of a huge volume of safe trending content, limiting their reach at a time when it should actually be expanding as more people than ever are consuming online content.”

In that one week alone (between March 25th and April 6th), brands relying on keyword-based systems for brand safety protection missed out on over 1.5 billion impressions across GumGum’s supply,

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5 Digital Marketing Trends to Focus On During the COVID-19 Pandemic [Infographic]

The COVID-19 lockdowns around the world are causing major economic impacts, but one key benefit that we have in modern society, that hasn’t been available in pandemics of the past, is the internet, and increased connectivity, which has enabled many businesses to continue operation despite not being able to open their physical stores.

The team from Grazitti Interactive have put together a listing of key digital marketing trends worth focusing on amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, which could help to maximize response, and subsequent sales performance. 

The article includes an infographic with Grazittit’s full listing of trend notes and tips.

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The coronavirus has created a secondary scourge of online scamming that is testing all the biggest companies on the internet, from Facebook and Google to Amazon, Twitter and even Snapchat.

Ads for products like face masks that make aggressive claims about staving off infection are all over the internet. The company, registered under the name Novads OU has been hawking a product called OxyBreath Pro, which makes claims of blocking airborne viruses. 

Online security experts say that the claims around OxyBreath Pro masks smack of false advertising. “This appears to be a network of e-commerce sites, companies, and affiliate marketers peddling fake, defective or perhaps even nonexistent products to defraud unwary users,” says Jordan Herman, threat researcher at RiskIQ, which helped Ad Age analyze the company’s online practices. 

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Even Google and Facebook May Face an Ad Slump

Once-abundant travel and entertainment ads have all but disappeared from Google search. The prices for Facebook advertisements are at record lows. And Wall Street analysts are estimating that annual revenues will decline for the first time in the history of the two companies.

And yet as gloomy as the situation may appear for Google and Facebook, the outlook for the rest of the digital advertising industry is even bleaker.

“To the extent that people are still spending, it will be even more concentrated with Google and Facebook,” said Nicole Perrin, principal analyst at research firm eMarketer. “They are likely going to end up in a stronger position after all this is over.”

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