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New Android ‘15-Minute’ Coronavirus Malware Threat: Here’s What You Must Not Do

According to the research team, the threat hidden with these apps enables hackers to take “intrusive control of your device via a remote shell, accessing calls, SMS, calendar, files, contacts, microphone and the camera.”

The good news is that these apps have not found their way onto the Play Store, but can be downloaded directly from coronavirus-related domains, luring people with the promise of information, advice, stats and trackers. 51,000 virus-related domains registered since the pandemic, of which 9% are “suspicious and under investigation,” according to Check Point.

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Don’t blackout or blacklist: ensuring brand-safe advertising when all eyes are on news 

Up to 83% of the trust in a known media brand can be transferred to the advertiser in these environments. Yet at this very moment, our most trusted news brands are facing a monetisation crisis, with reports of advertisers trying to blacklist news publishers over concerns that brands are appearing next to Covid-19 content. So while newspaper publishers are gaining record numbers of online readers looking for news and information about the outbreak, publishers are struggling to make ad revenue from these increased visits.

Instead of choosing to blacklist publishers featuring Covid-19 related content, three strategies that modern media buyers should be employing to ensure brand safety are: use custom brand safety technology; consider leveraging private marketplace deals, use manual systems to exclude specific content on a keyword basis.

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How is online advertising changing during the Covid-19 pandemic?

The findings come from Integral Ad Science’s (IAS) COVID-19 ad insights, which explores the balance advertisers and publishers must now strike between consumer behaviour and consumer perception.

Key stats for advertisesr:  32% of consumers think it is unsuitable for a brand to appear near to Coronovirus content while, 31% say that the suitability of a brand appearing near Coronavirus content “depends on the brand”.

Key stats for publishers: 73% of UK consumers say that the Coronavirus situation is changing the types of content they consume online and only a mere 16% says they are NOT likely to engage with an ad adjacent to Coronavirus content

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Will Google’s Plan To Phase Out Cookies Choke Digital Advertising?

Google isn’t the only company implementing policies like this. In 2017, Apple introduced Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) on Safari (full disclosure: Apple is a current client of my company). As a result, the cost of Safari ads has decreased significantly because performance has dipped without cookie tracking. Firefox also began blocking third-party cookies by default last year. Such policies virtually cripple the display and video ad worlds.

Google’s research shows that publishers could be hurt by the crackdown on third-party cookies. A Google study showed that removing cookies reduced publisher revenue by 52%.

 A few alternatives that advertisers can implement to survive and thrive: diversify your ad strategy; up your predictive advertising strategy; and get the data yourself.

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Brand Marketing Through the Coronavirus Crisis

With so much changing so fast during this difficult time, what actions can brands take to serve and grow their customer base, mitigate risk, and take care of their people ?

1. Present with empathy and transparency

2. Use media in more agile ways

3. Associate your brand with good

4. Track trends and build scenarios

5. Adapt to new ways of working to keep delivering

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