Digital marketers welcome the opportunity to evolve beyond the corrupt, ad fraud filled world of Ad Tech.

tribeOS exhibited at the premiere performance marketing event Affiliate Summit West with one goal in mind: present digital marketers with an alternative source of high-quality traffic. The industry has failed today’s marketers. $42 billion is lost to ad fraud every year. But now, a new ad tech platform puts marketers’ needs first, tribeOS is the first fully transparent display advertising platform where stopping ad fraud is the #1 priority.

Digital marketers are interested in ways to optimize their reach to their target audience. The current options do not fit their needs for quality traffic, more transparency, better protection, and overall superior performance. 

Matt Gallant, tribeOS CEO, said, “Performance and affiliate marketers are very intelligent. They can discern if an approach is a good fit for the business. They know what is wrong with the industry and whether a solution is viable. They’ve had enough of the old ways. They’re tired of being taken advantage of by current ad networks. Which is why they desire a new player, one that performs with integrity but also delivers. 

Affiliate Summit West attendees were very enthusiastic when they heard about tribeOS. Now, they can run display advertising campaigns with peace of mind knowing 100% of their ad money is protected and going directly to their target audience. We received a total of $60 Million/year of ad spend in signed Letters of Intent.

tribeOS exceeded expectations. This is a great indicator for their goal of scaling toward the official market debut later this year.


The tribeOS team shared some valuable takeaways from their interactions with attendees:

  • They are turning away from the CPM pricing module (cost per thousand, also called cost per mille, a marketing term used to denote the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on one webpage) since this is where a lot of ad fraud takes place
  • The video market continues to play a key role. They’re interested in running more video ads 
  • Mobile gaming is blooming. U.S. ad spend in all games grew by 16% in 2019 


Digital advertisers that keep up with technological advancements took note of the technology tribeOS employs:

  • Blockchain for complete and total transparency
  • A.I. for its conversion engine that aligns the right advertiser with the right publisher delivering Ads People Love™
  • Ad Protector which has outperformed other existing and trusted ad fraud blockers

This was a great win for all parties: advertisers, publishers, and tribeOS. The future promises higher-quality traffic for the entire display advertising industry. 

Affiliate Summit West was held on January 27th to 29th, 2020 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

To find out if tribeOS is a right fit for you, schedule a call with tribeOS Director of Business Development, Michael D’Iorio or visit

tribeOS is a fully transparent display advertising platform that prevents ad fraud and helps advertisers and publishers run safe, secure, digital ad campaigns online. The tribeOS mission: increase digital ad campaign performance by utilizing the blockchain and a proprietary technology suite featuring Ad Protector and Gold Lantern tracking. tribeOS seeks to create the fairest, most transparent, and highly profitable digital advertising platform in the world. And, in so doing, end ad fraud while increasing accountability and ease-of-use for advertisers and publishers.