The digital advertising ecosystem is in peril as profits continue to diminish. Ad fraud, ad blockers, blocklists, and the ad tech tax are eating away at advertisers’ budgets and publishers’ revenue.

Digital is constantly changing and with it user behavior, which means advertisers must be able to strategize, adapt, and evolve their marketing campaigns. Turning to ad tech allows them to achieve better campaign results, but this comes at a hefty cost.

A report by Warc found that around 55% of advertisers’ budgets went to paying for the supply chain used to get their ads in front of consumers. Which in turn injures publishers, leaving them with only 45 cents of every dollar spent on their sites.

The Guardian reported that they often saw as little as 30 or 40 cents on every dollar spent to advertise on their site. Clearly a lot lower than the 68% big networks claim publishers get. But in alignment with the Association of National Advertisers’ estimates that, when the “ad tech tax” is taken into account, publishers see between 30 and 40 cents of every dollar.

Matt Gallant, CEO of tribeOS shared, “The current status quo in digital advertising stopped working a very long time ago for the two main parties involved, the advertiser and the publisher. 

Big industry players have failed to provide solutions and have actually contributed to the problems. tribeOS has stepped in to fix a broken system. We are on a mission to ensure all parties get their fair share. We are revolutionizing the industry. It’s evolve or parish. With tribeOS, everybody wins.

The tribeOS platform uses advanced technology to shield advertisers from the many aspects they’re exposed to while maximizing campaign performance and boosting their return on ad spend (ROAS). Furthermore, for every dollar spent 85% goes to the publisher. 

Some of the benefits advertisers can enjoy from tribeOS are ad fraud protection, campaign optimization, precise audience targeting, improved conversion rates, and complete transparency.

tribeOS supports these claims with the following tech stack components:

Ad Protector – runs traffic through 12 different security filters to stop ad fraud before a bid is even made ensuring high-quality traffic from real humans. These security protocols are: traffic origin, red flag regions, suspicious referrals, suspicious user-agents, suspicious clicks, suspicious automations, known violator ips, data centre ips, browser integrity, javascript integrity, pages per session, and pages per minute.

Contextual Matching Engine – A.I. driven ad placement tool that runs inquiries between an advertiser’s campaign targets and available ad space for a high-quality and fraud-free match (known as an opportunity, which occurs before a bid is made) before being sent to the exchange for bidding and then placement.

Gold Lantern – powerful campaign analytics driven by four layers of tracking to ensure ultimate accuracy.

Atomic Traceability™ and Blockchain – provide incorruptible transparency. User behavior is tracked, from mouse movements to clicks and scrolls in real-time enabling advertisers to observe exactly what grabs a person’s attention and what doesn’t. All the data collected is then published onto the blockchain where it can be verified at any time.

The tribeOS driving force is to provide advertisers the highest campaign performance boosting their Return on Ad Spend™ (ROAS) and publishers one of the highest revenue shares in the market by eliminating the obstacles draining advertising dollars.

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