As tribeOS continues to add new advertisers to its display ad platform, an expanded event presence is essential to multiply that growth. Digital and Performance Marketing events provide a “one to many” model of reaching potential advertisers who are receptive to the tribeOS value proposition as a new and alternative source of quality web traffic where stopping ad fraud is the #1 priority. 

Affiliate Summit West occurs January 27th – January 29th, 2020 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. This event will help tribeOS connect with high-level advertisers, who have unfortunately been pushed to the brink of total frustration with today’s most popular ad networks. The event typically attracts 6000+ attendees from 60 countries and features a robust tradeshow of 310 exhibitors and sponsors as well as 75 speakers. 

Why is Affiliate Summit West a perfect fit for tribeOS? Most importantly, affiliate and performance marketing play vital roles in today’s digital advertising environment: 

  • 15-30% of all sales for advertisers come from affiliate marketing
  • 81% of marketers and 84% of publishers leverage the power of affiliate marketing
  • More than 50% of affiliate-referred traffic comes from mobile devices

tribeOS serves as a welcome refuge to those digital advertisers impacted the most by the ever-increasing limitations of today’s most popular ad networks. (Note: all digital ads on the tribeOS platform must be FTC compliant.)

As Matt Gallant, Co-Founder, and CEO of tribeOS shared, “Our team’s presence at Affiliate Summit West is perfect timing at this stage of the company’s growth cycle. 

To those digital advertisers who have been put through the wringer with weeks long and sometimes months-long delays, burdensome ad content restrictions, outright bans and more, I say, ‘We at tribeOS hear you.’  Now you have a choice: an alternative, quality source of web traffic. Finally, a display ad platform that puts 100% of your ad spend dollars to work because ad fraud won’t be robbing you blind any longer.” 

tribeOS will have a six-person team at Affiliate Summit West consisting of Gallant, Director of Business Development Michael D’Iorio, along with other marketing and customer service support personnel. The team’s presence will be highly visible via a conference exhibit booth along with key stations at an intense day-long networking event.

Affiliate Summit West presents a significant opportunity to scale tribeOS Q1 2020 goals: enroll more digital advertisers from multiple industry verticals along with a new stream of affiliate sign-ups to further spread the word on this new source of quality website traffic. 

Michael D’Iorio, Director of Business Development for tribeOS added, “I look forward to sharing the tribeOS vision with some of the savviest digital advertisers around. Affiliate and performance marketers are on the front lines in today’s complicated, convoluted and increasingly corrupted programmatic advertising ecosystem. 

The good news? Advertisers can wave goodbye to the sorry excuse passing as customer experience with today’s most popular ad networks. tribeOS, with our fully transparent ad platform, is poised to raise the bar significantly.”

To sign up as an advertiser or an affiliate, or to simply discover how tribeOS is changing the display advertising landscape, go here.