The beverage industry hits multiple touch points with today’s consumer. And the demand is high. Global alcoholic beverage consumption is forecasted to reach nearly $2 trillion in sales by 2025

In addition, there is also the non-alcoholic functional beverage market which is being sparked by a growing demand for healthy hydration. The functional market is projected to reach $208 Billion by 2024

And yet as consumer-facing companies, these large markets and the brands populating them, all share one vital and universal concern: brand safety with their programmatic, digital and display advertising campaigns. 

What is brand safety, exactly? At a high level, it’s assuring that a brand’s ads don’t appear near dangerous, offensive or inappropriate content. Because if they did, a shocking percentage of consumers would stop buying products from those negatively impacted brands.

A recent study confirmed this alarming brand safety warning with the following results: 

  • 90% of those surveyed said it was important or somewhat important for all advertisers to make sure their ads don’t appear near questionable or compromising content
  • 80% of consumers say they would refuse to buy products from brands whose ads appear near extreme or dangerous digital content

The real punch in the gut for brands today? 70% of consumers place the responsibility of brand safety squarely in the lap of advertisers and less than half (only 46%) say it’s an ad network’s role to monitor brand safety.

Even worse, brand safety goes far beyond losing part of an ad spend investment to online scammers or being placed next to questionable content. Other threats exist including malware, security and data leaks, even wire or investment fraud. 

Matt Gallant, Co-Founder, and CEO of tribeOS, shared, “The programmatic advertising market is in crisis. Digital advertisers and major brands must fully realize exactly what’s at stake. They need a pro-active protection plan and they needed it yesterday. The good news? There are ways to succeed and outperform the competition in today’s digital advertising environment. I’ll be sharing that exact blueprint at eBev 2019 along with my co-presenter, Michael D’Iorio.”

Michael D’Iorio, Director of Business Development for tribeOS added, “Ad Fraud often remains an overlooked piece of a brand’s risk mitigation planning despite the wide range of legal, regulatory and reputational elements in play. The financial implications associated with this organized crime run deep and flow straight to the bottom line. 

And as the threat evolves in sophistication and scale, collateral damages are sure to follow. The threat landscape is multi-faceted and demands attention as part of your organization’s brand safety, risk mitigation and cybersecurity programs.” 

Gallant and D’Iorio will speak at the eBev conference October 28-30, 2019 in Las Vegas.  eBev is a high-level, boutique event featuring executive-level attendees of major beverage brands representing both the alcoholic and functional markets. 

Gallant and D’Iorio will hold standalone and roundtable talks on the following topic: ‘The Evolution of Digital Advertising – Stopping Ad Fraud Using Blockchain Now, and Securing Brand Safety at Scale.’

Seth Hillstrom, Executive Director of the Beverage Marketing Association added, “We are thrilled to have tribeOS speak at the upcoming eBev 2019. It’s absolutely essential that beverage marketers be fully aware of digital ad fraud and the tremendous negative impact on brand safety that exists today. 

Like many of our attendees, which represent all the major beverage brands, I’m eager to learn what can be done now and the opportunities that exist moving forward within a growing, yet troubled programmatic advertising environment.”

To review the agenda of eBev 2019, and learn how eBev and the Beverage Marketing Association attracts major global brands from across the beverage industry, visit their website.

To discover more about tribeOS, and inquire about having Matt Gallant or Mike D’Iorio share their brand safety, ad fraud and the evolution of advertising presentations with your group, organization or event, simply complete this online speaker request form