tribeOS co-founders Matt Gallant, James Wallace, and James Tonn each made their presence known at the Security Token Summit II in Hamilton, Bermuda, March 18th – March 20th, 2019.

tribeOS CEO Matt Gallant and James Wallace, a co-founder of both tribeOS and Exponential Ventures, shared a historic milestone with an impact felt throughout the global finance community.

FIRE, the Digital Security Offering [DSO] from tribeOS, is the first federally approved digital security in the world. The FIRE Digital Security Token was given the regulatory green light under Bermuda’s brand new digital asset law, the ICO Act (2018).

Wallace, who bootstrapped the project, also played a pivotal role in the Digital Security Offering. Tonn’s efforts at the event were focused on building strategic partnerships and new alliances within the token community assembled at the event and in the country of Bermuda at large.

Federal approval by the Bermuda Monetary Authority Minister of Finance, Curtis L. Dickison, JP, MP has been a major catalyst for new interest and investment in tribeOS, the ad fraud-free marketplace built on the blockchain.

The speaking presentation given by Gallant and Wallace,  titled “Spotlight of Bermuda STOs” provided attendees with key insights on how to best structure and prepare a safe, secure, and fully compliant Security Token worthy of government approval.

Immediately after the Tuesday, March 19th presentation at the Summit, Gallant shared a few quick impressions, “The audience at the Bermuda Security Token Summit is a savvy one. They listened intently and asked some great questions. I’m grateful for the opportunity to further  illuminate the blueprint for the tribeOS Digital Security Offering with our fellow thought leaders in the Security Token community.”

Gallant’s co-presenter James Wallace also added, “What’s truly remarkable about this point in time and Bermuda’s leadership role in all this, is that we’re witnessing the bridge to traditional capital take form before our very eyes. Today’s reality is only made possible by providing strict oversight to digital securities. Where we go from here will be a joy to watch…and transformational on a global scale.”

The Security Token Summit II event attracted attendees from 14 different countries across a diverse swath of sectors and backgrounds: government, finance, operations, investing, corporate and more. The Summit, organized by Jeff Pulver of the Blockchain Token Association (BTA), holds semi-annual events. The next Blockchain Token Summit occurs June 26th and June 27th, 2019 in Tel Aviv.

To learn more about tribeOS and investing in the FIRE Security Token, visit this page. For an expert quote on Digital Security Offerings and Security Tokens, contact Matt Gallant or James Wallace here.