tribeOS had three key objectives in attending the Digital Agency Expo, a three-day event in New September 17-19, 2019. First, establish greater visibility with digital agencies and consultancies. Second, secure LOIs (letters of intent) of those interested in running campaigns on the tribeOS display advertising platform. And third, secure both alliances and affiliates for further development of mutual interests. 

tribeOS exceeded expectations in all three areas. In addition to being a major sponsor of the event, co-founder Matt Gallant and Director of Business Development, Mike D’Iorio gained key insights on hot button issues impacting programmatic advertising campaigns. 

A major takeaway from the event was the collective worry and anxiety over the issue of brand safety. Because of increasing challenges like ad fraud, fake sites and lack of effective contextual matching, advertisers and agencies alike are increasingly worried about significant exposure and possible damage for the brands they represent. 

That was one reason agencies and brands were so open and receptive to the tribeOS value proposition of a fully transparent digital display advertising platform. As a result, tribeOS signed multiple agencies and Letters of Intent (LOI).

Follow-up conversations with additional event attendees continue as tribeOS sets its sights on the eBev Conference October 28-30 in Las Vegas. Watch for a recap of that event in our November newsletter.