Effective digital advertising is a result of well-defined audience targeting, long enabled by data gathered through cookie tracking. Brands worry Google’s decision to end third-party cookies in the next two years could negatively impact their campaign performance.

Third-party cookies are pieces of information placed on a user’s device that allow companies to see what a user is looking at and interacting with, giving insights into interests, demographics, geographic location, and other significant information.

Results from Digiday’s poll on 84 buy-side advertising executives revealed 76% of advertisers are concerned the kill of third-party cookies could affect their ability to target and measure ads. The solution is for marketers to combat the effects by blending first-party data, deep data-driven insights, and contextual targeting algorithms. Ultimately, resulting in an upgraded digital advertising ecosystem.

Matt Gallant, CEO of tribeOS shared his input, “The use of third-party cookies for audience targeting is the oldest method in digital advertising. We started preparing for this seven years ago, that’s when we started building the Gold Lantern insights platform. 

Three years ago we launched our four layered tracking marketing analytics system to the world.  We’ve integrated all of that tracking technology into tribeOS.

As digital evolves, so should audience targeting. We knew it was only a matter of time before third-party cookies got wiped out of the equation. Being in ad tech means being ahead with futuristic solutions marketers don’t even realize yet they’ll need. 

tribeOS enables advertisers to leverage first-party data, buy inventory in a privacy-first manner, and deliver precision audience targeting through powerful layers of our contextual matching algorithm predicting user behavior and engagement, boosting campaign performance and increasing Return on Ad Spend™. 

The tribeOS platform supplies proprietary technology that empowers both advertisers and publishers with unparalleled first-party data. Atomic Traceability™ tracks every aspect of a user’s engagement at a granular level, from mouse movements to clicks that can be watched in real-time using the tribeOS Atomic Tracker

Users of the platform get a deep understanding of user behavior, the unique ability to observe exactly what grabs a visitor’s attention and what doesn’t, producing unparalleled transparency on every opportunity, impression and click leads to intelligent advertising decisions.

As stated earlier, tribeOS provides users with next-generation tracking and analytics— Gold Lantern. This software allows tracking of web page visitors over multiple domains using four layers of metrics. Its advanced reporting functionality offers a rich graphical experience for customers to track their stats over time for accounts, campaigns, ad groups, and ads.

Platform users enjoy ultimate data accuracy and insightful campaign analytics opening a world of opportunities in digital advertising

Plus, tribeOS uses A.I. driven contextual matching algorithms to align brands with their ideal audience and deliver Ads People Love.™ The Contextual Matching Engine identifies and matches high quality and fraud-free available ad space with an advertiser’s campaign targets, ensuring ads are displayed on top-engaging content relevant to their brand.

Powerful Contextual Matching algorithms mean the right ad, to the right user, at the right time and most importantly- increased Return on Ad Spend™. 

tribeOS is equipped to better help advertisers leverage first-party data and obtain precise audience targeting through context. Contextual targeting is relevant advertising to the context in which it has been placed.

The end of thrid-party data actually signals an improved digital advertising experience for everyone: advertisers, publishers, and users. 

To learn more ways tribeOS increases Return on Ad Spend™  (ROAS), visit tribeos.io