tribeOS had a unique opportunity to share brand safety issues, concerns and solutions at the eBev event, October 28 -30 in Las Vegas. tribeOS was instrumental to the event’s overall agenda with one master presentation from the stage as well as two executive roundtable sessions. 

The tribeOS brand safety value proposition was put to the test at eBev, a premier event attended by some of the world’s top beverage brands. The presentations were led by tribeOS CEO and Co-Founder Matt Gallant and Director of Business Development Mike D’Iorio.

The title of the main talk, “Stop Ad Fraud and Secure Brand Safety at Scale” was well-received by attendees who engaged both tribeOS speakers with multiple questions, a key indicator of the level of interest regarding this very serious industry problem.. 

Matt Gallant, CEO and Co-Founder of tribeOS added, “While beverage marketers had a general sense of ad fraud and brand safety, they soon realized their awareness was only the tip of the iceberg. I’d say we’d opened some eyes and found real engagement in all our eBev speaking sessions. Big brands want answers and solutions and they found a fit with tribeOS for both.”

Mike D’Iorio, who co-presented at the event, shared his impressions, “The audience was noticeably engaged when we peeled back the layers of ad fraud and showed how brand safety goes so much deeper than these beverage marketing executives ever realized. Let’s face it, data and security leaks, wire and investment fraud are all possible damaging outcomes in today’s toxic digital advertising environment. I’d say that got their attention, big time.”

What is brand safety and why does it pose such a significant threat to brand advertisers? First, brand advertisers are at considerable risk when running digital display advertising and programmatic campaigns. Years and millions or even billions invested in a brand’s reputation in the marketplace can come crashing down unexpectedly.

In essence, it works like this: a brand runs ads on different websites that are often a part of a traffic network. However, in addition to the ever-present risk of ad fraud from nonhuman clicks and scammers, another clear and present danger exists. The brand risks their ads appearing next to objectionable, offensive and even malicious content and page code. 

Bottom line, the ad tech ecosystem has been compromised and corrupted. And companies face an unprecedented, 24/7 responsibility to police their overall brand’s integrity. Even worse, consumers are not a forgiving lot. 80% would stop buying products from brands whose ads appear near extreme or dangerous content. 

For those reasons and others, tribeOS, the world’s most transparent display advertising platform, is on a mission to inform and enlighten brand advertisers of what’s ultimately at stake. This goes beyond just the loss of ad spend dollars to adversely impacting the overall viability and profitability of a brand today and in the future, especially with so many online threats on the rise. 

This major event presence at eBev was a fitting conclusion to October being Cybersecurity Month while putting in place new, promising strategic opportunities with major brands in the coming months. 

To engage tribeOS to speak about brand safety for an event or interview, view our speaking program here.