• Built complete tracking system
  • Created marketplace platform architecture
  • Designed next-generation publisher optimization tools


  • Created unique ROI reporting tools (ROI Over Time)
  • Enabled marketplace features


  • Created innovative cross-domain tracking and attribution system
  • Released closed beta service platform


  • Built next-generation ad optimization tools
  • Began client acquisition and generated waitlist of over 30,000 publishers and advertisers


  • Acquired Gold Lantern and AdOS and merged all technical assets into one product
  • Distributed architecture development
  • Established Bitcoin knowledge and community ties

2018 Q1

  • Built executive committee board of advisors
  • Pre-STO FIRE token sales to key advisors and strategic partners

2018 Q2

  • Integrated all existing technological assets
  • Created integrated marketplace and security framework
  • Integrated advertiser and publisher interfaces and management features including reports, postbacks, APIs, and logs
  • Created RTB-for-blockchain layer, complete with digital signatures and transaction engine for handling CPA, CPM, and other formats
  • Secured $3 Million investment from Bitmain Technologies
  • Ongoing entrances into SAFTEs until on or about the Token Generation date

2018 Q3

  • Developed and tested smart contracts using the Bitcoin Script language, in order to support the blockchain layer
  • Created associated data structures
  • Formed rules of the advertising marketplace

2018 Q4

  • Launched tribeOS and 
the tribeOS API
  • Development of advertiser and publisher tools with iterative releases

2019 Q1

  • Historic, first ever digital security approved by Bermuda
  • Continuous distribution of “Token class” shares until $45M raised/Feb 2020
  • Launch of the minimum viable test network of tribeOS’ ad distribution, placement, and fraud management
  • Testing and security audits of the tribeOS ad network

2019 Q2

  • Issue securities using the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) on the BCH Blockchain
  • Evaluate existing tech, targeting evolution and migration to tribeOS

2019 Q3

  • Deployment of the stable tribeOS ad network
  • Launch of tribeOS advanced advertiser and publisher tools: content management, placement optimization, and advanced contextual matching

2019 Q4

  • Commercial Intent Identifier
  • Patent Atomic Traceability™
  • Real Time Bidding extension with Atomic Tracker

2020 Q1

  • FIRE token generation
  • Advanced matching v2: launch tribal profile

2020 Q2

  • Onpage insights
  • Ad Controller

2020 Q3

  • Real Time Bidding protocol
  • Avatars 1.0

2020 Q4

  • Launch Emotion 
Matrix 1.0
  • Launch Copy Tool 1.0
  • World’s greatest marketing university

2021 Q1

  • Launch profile platform test net

2021 Q2

  • Profile platform beta test and early adopter release

2021 Q3

  • Profile platform public launch

2021 Q4

  • Scale profile platform to 1000 companies globally