(In 2017, tribeOS acquired Gold Lantern and AdOS and merged all technical assets into one product.)


  • Created complete tracking system.
  • Marketplace platform architecture created
  • Created next-generation publisher optimization tools


  • Created unique ROI reporting tools (ROI Over Time).
  • Enabled marketplace features.


  • Created innovative cross-domain tracking and attribution system.
  • Released closed beta service platform.


  • Created next-generation ad optimization tools.
  • Began client acquisition and generated wait-list of over 30,000 publishers and

2018 Q1

  • Built Board of Advisors
  • Pre-ICO FIRE token sales to Key Advisors and Strategic Partners.

2018 Q2

  • Integrate all existing technological assets.
  • Create integrated marketplace and security framework.
  • Integrate advertiser and publisher interfaces and management features including
    reports, postbacks, APIs, and logs.
  • Create RTB-for-blockchain layer, complete with digital signatures and transaction
    engine for handling CPA, CPM, and other formats.

2018 Q3

  • Develop and test smart contracts using the Bitcoin Script language, in order to
    support the blockchain layer.
  • Create associated data structures.
  • Form rules of the advertising marketplace.

2018 Q4

  • Construct the DApps including functionality for user interfaces, p2p messaging,
    digital signatures, and interfacing with the blockchain.
  • Deploy AdServer, CDN, tracking, verification, and other tools that interface with the
  • Release relevancy algorithms for advertiser/publisher pairings.

2019 Q1

  • Implement the quality score and fairness algorithms.
  • Fully integrate marketplace security protocols.
  • Set up the secondary smart contracts, versioning functionality, and third-party app
  • Complete full system testing and launch mainnet.