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Protect yourself from ad fraud

Ad Protector identifies whether a visitor is a human or bot and it STOPS the bots from clicking on more ads and draining campaign budgets.

Unparalleled transparency

Track user behavior at a granular level to see every aspect of engagement from mouse movements to clicks and scrolls in real-time.

Deep, data-driven insights

Powerful campaign analytics driven by four layers of tracking to ensure ultimate accuracy. Finally, marketing data that's actually insightful.

Reach your ideal audience

Our Contextual Matching Engine helps match the right advertiser with the right publisher and the right user with the right advertiser.

Better bidding

A layered suite of algorithms designed to optimize dozens of variables and maximize conversion rates. Intelligence-driven bidding mechanisms improve engagement with your target avatars.

Immutable trust

We use the blockchain to record secure and immutable transaction data that you can trust, because fully authenticated analytics = peace of mind for advertisers and publishers.


Service Architecture


Systems Architecture


Technical Approach

A real-time, full-featured, and decentralized advertising marketplace can be constructed with the prudent use of blockchain technology combined with an independent peer-to-peer network. A Bitcoin (BCH) public blockchain will handle smart contract functionality, with the bulk of operations handled off-chain to ensure scalability and low latency.


A preferred equity Security Token, called FIRE, will be implemented using the Bitcoin Cash blockchain

Digital Signatures

Every transaction is signed for, providing an unprecedented level of accountability

Verifying Delivery

Absolute proof that the publisher indeed delivered an ad impression

Transaction Batching

A trillion banner ad impressions doesn’t require a trillion blockchain transactions


Versioning can be implemented in the smart contracts by use of a version byte.

Open RTB

Real-Time Bidding protocol is open source and integrated with blockchain technology