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AdShield: The first line of defence against Ad Fraud

AdShield is the first line of defence against online scammers and fraudulent bots out to steal your hard-earned marketing dollars.

AdShield has been stopping ad fraud and protecting ad dollars for over 5 years and we’re ready to launch the tribeOS marketplace to stop fraud once and for all.

Using our proprietary AdShield technology, we’re able to stop click farms, spam bots, and even humans from cheating the advertisers.

Using blockchain technology gives us the ability to create a transparent marketplace. Ad scammers can’t hide anymore.

Gold Lantern

Analytics + Reporting = Radical Transparency

Contextual Matching

The right ad to the right person at the right time

Fairness Algorithms

Quality scoring and fairness

Technical Approach

A real-time, full-featured, and decentralized advertising marketplace can be constructed with the prudent use of blockchain technology combined with an independent peer-to-peer network. A Bitcoin (BCH) public blockchain will handle smart contract functionality, with the bulk of operations handled off-chain to ensure scalability and low latency.


a native token for tribeOS, called FIRE, will be implemented using the Bitcoin Cash blockchain

Digital Signatures

every transaction is signed for, providing an unprecedented level of accountability

Verifying Delivery

absolute proof that the publisher indeed delivered an ad impression

Transaction Batching

a trillion banner ad impressions doesn’t require a trillion blockchain transactions


Versioning can be implemented in the smart contracts by use of a version byte.

Open RTB

Real-Time Bidding protocol is open source and integrated with blockchain technology