The World’s First Transparent Advertising Marketplace



For Advertisers

  • Increase return on ad spend
  • Protect your campaign budget from fraud
  • Say goodbye to bots

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For Publishers

  • Increase your revenue share
  • Protect your site from bad ads and spam
  • Keep your audience happy and engaged
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For All

  • Better ads from trusted brands
  • Decreased exposure to spam and fraud
  • The right ad at the right time and nothing more
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The Problem: Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is the second most profitable organized crime in the world. Advertisers are being robbed of over $51 Million a day by online scammers. And no one does anything about it. Until now...

tribeOS is an open, transparent, ad fraud free digital advertising marketplace that delivers Contextually Appropriate Ads People Love™

  • Eliminates ad fraud
  • Reports campaign performance with radical transparency in real-time
  • Improves an advertiser’s ROI
  • Provides publishers with a higher revenue share

More than just an idea…


We’ve got working tech that’s in active use. Protecting people all over the world from fraud and waste. Connecting people to brands they can trust. Building tribes that thrive.


tribeOS technical assets include…

  • AdShield: The first line of defence against ad fraud
  • Gold Lantern: Radically transparent tracking & analytics
  • Contextual ad matching (powered by A.I.)

I’m glad to be an advisor for tribeOS because I’m also eager to be one of their customers.”

Roger Ver,

A platform where advertisers are guaranteed the best possible return on ad spend and publishers receive the maximum yield on their inventory and content.”

Edward Katzin, investment advisor

The core team are some of the smartest entrepreneurs I have ever met in my entire life... [tribeOS] is going to completely change the world of digital advertising.”

Clay Hebert, startup advisor

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