The world's most transparent digital advertising platform


tribeOS is a digital advertising platform that delivers real high-quality traffic to Ads People Love.™

We're on a mission to give advertisers and brands better display ad performance by ending ad fraud, serving ads only to an advertiser's ideal audience, and increasing the transparency of campaign performance. Plus, we help publishers increase their yield by offering one of the highest revenue shares on the market. Everyone wins.



Advertisers can rest assured that their ads are served to high-quality traffic. They pay only for genuine clicks and impressions from real human eyeballs. Say bye-bye to bots!

Publishers can enjoy a whopping 85% of the revenue generated by their online properties. A bigger piece of the pie means they finally get a fair share. No more walled gardens or blackbox networks.


Make more money. Protect your ad spend. Advertise with tribeOS.


Why Choose tribeOS?

Integrity & Transparency

Completely open and auditable fraud prevention combined with radical transparency tools mean you can verify engagement on a granular level.

Improve Display
Ad Performance

Increase your Return on Ad Spend™ with innovative and easy to use display advertising tools.

Align Your Brand & Ideal Audience

Our A.I. driven contextual matching engine serves Ads People Love™ to your target market.

Campaign Optimization

Powerful display advertising tools and insightful data makes it easy for you to make smart marketing decisions... fast.

A High Powered Tech Stack, One Platform.

Protect yourself from ad fraud

A proprietary suite of cybersecurity tools that blocks bots and stops click farms from draining your campaign budget.

Unparalleled transparency

Track user behavior at a granular level to see every aspect of engagement from mouse movements to clicks and scrolls in real-time.

Deep, data-driven insights

Powerful campaign analytics driven by four layers of tracking to ensure ultimate accuracy. Finally, marketing data that's actually insightful.

Reach your ideal audience

An A.I. driven matching engine that aligns the right advertisers and publishers to deliver the right ad at the right time.

Better bidding

A layered suite of algorithms designed to optimize dozens of variables and maximize conversion rates. Intelligence-driven bidding mechanisms improve engagement with your target avatars.

Immutable trust

We use the blockchain to record secure and immutable transaction data that you can trust, because fully authenticated analytics = peace of mind for advertisers and publishers.


$42 Billion is lost to ad fraud every year

And no one is doing anything about it. Until now...

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I'm glad to be an advisor for tribeOS because I'm also eager to be one of their customers.”

Roger Ver,

A platform where advertisers are guaranteed the best possible return on ad spend and publishers receive the maximum yield on their inventory and content.”

Edward Katzin, investment advisor

The core team are some of the smartest entrepreneurs I have ever met in my entire life... [tribeOS] is going to completely change the world of digital advertising.”

Clay Hebert, startup advisor