Ad Fraud

What is ad fraud and why should I care about it?

Ad fraud is a $51M per day problem universal to all major digital advertising networks including Google and Facebook. It affects virtually everyone from advertisers, publishers, and even individuals who use social platforms and websites where ads are purchased and displayed.

If you’re an advertiser, substantial portions of your ad budgets are being stolen from you by spam bots and click farms that are scanning websites at an incredible rate. They conduct fraudulent engagements and impressions with your display ads, meaning that you’re paying for performance metrics that are faked and therefore spending money for nothing.

If you’re a person who uses the internet then you should care too. Your device’s bandwidth is being used to bombard you with banner ads, some of which you can’t even see, bloating your data usage, draining your battery, and costing you money. According to researchers, carriers are making more money from mobile ads than publishers are and costing you roughly $23 a month.

How bad of a problem is ad fraud?

• An estimated $51 Million is lost to ad fraud every single day
• 51.8% of all web traffic is not generated by humans
• 8% of internet users account for 85% of all online clicks
• 86% of consumers suffer from “banner blindness”, they’ve adapted to avoid traditional ad placements
• 77% of display ads are never seen
• 60% of display ads are considered unviewable according to IAB standards
• 30% of internet transactions are marked as fraudulent

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What is a spambot?

A spambot is a script or piece of code that functions like a parasite, infecting host computers or browsers and hijacking processing power to carry out invisible actions. These hidden operatives could be looking to carry out a host of different tasks from collecting people’s contact information to generating fraudulent impressions or clicks on PPC display ads served up by major networks like Facebook and Google.

What is a click farm?

Click farms are companies that hire real people to to surf the internet, visit their customer’s websites and click on the display ads served up on the page.

What are clickbait websites?

Clickbait websites exist for the sole purpose of displaying ads and generating revenue. These often involve infuriating protocols a user must perform including clicking to close an ad to see a video, pop-unders where new tabs are opened forcing you to inadvertently click through, or ads masked as calls to action, generating clicks when a user mistakenly clicks on the wrong spot.

What is malware?

Often called worms, Trojan horses, etc. – that infects computers and hijacks their processing power to carry out wicked tasks such as harvesting emails and personal information and simulating clicks on PPC display ads. Malvertisements infiltrates honest advertisement networks and injects malware into ads. It also hijacks your device or browser like a parasite.

How does tribeOS protect us against ad fraud?

We have built some of the most sophisticated ad-fraud detection technology ever. In our 10,000 websites test, we detected 93% of the traffic as being fraudulent. Most people currently believe that ad fraud levels are (quote a number). Based on our data, this is completely incorrect. There are 2 ways you can improve your ROI using this system:

1. Improve your Google Display ROI with our automated fraudulent blacklist creator. We monitor fraud on every website you get traffic from on Google Display and if fraud levels are too high, we push that website to Google into the website exclusion list. This will help reduce the fraud massively and allow you to scale your display campaigns without getting robbed blind. And of course, it improves your ROI.

2. We automatically create a fraud report. You can send it to the ad networks and ask them for refunds.

About tribeOS

What is tribeOS?

tribeOS is a SAAS platform that creates ad tech designed to maximize the ROI/ROAS for performance-driven marketers and advertisers.

Why is your company named tribeOS?

Every company, niche, market and industry is a tribe. tribeOS is a display advertising operating system that achieves a pure, peer-to-peer value exchange like the tribes of old, connecting the perfect prospects with the best products and services, at the right time.

What will tribeOS do for small and new businesses?

New companies need to make smart advertising decisions that maximize ROI. Most companies are spending their advertising budgets on the wrong channels and they don’t even know it. tribeOS gives you the smart marketing insights that would require a $100,000/year marketing data analyst to have.

Our Technology

What is CPA Protector and how does it work?

CPA Optimizer is an ad campaign optimization tool that leverages next level number crunching to optimize your ad platform settings (Google, Facebook, etc) in real time.

What is Ad Protector and how does it work?

Ad Protector is the first line of defence against online fraudsters. Using our proprietary Ad Protector technology, we’re able to stop click farms, spam bots, and even humans from cheating the advertisers.

What is Gold Lantern and how does it work?

Gold Lantern is an ad management platform and web traffic tracking solution which focuses on attribution and ROI reporting. Its core functionality will be ported into the tribeOS system so that advertisers can track, verify, and report on the traffic they are purchasing.