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You own the most valuable currency in digital marketing: an audience. You provide the content people value, but how much of the revenue generated by your site do you ultimately receive? tribeOS delivers one of the highest revenue shares on the market. With more money in your pocket, you can invest in what you do best… generate great content that keeps your audience engaged.

50% of campaign budget goes to ad production

30-50% of budget goes to network “service fees”

30-65%current publisher revenue share

85%publisher revenue share with tribeOS


Get Your Fair Share

Publishers enjoy the highest revenue per click with our secure, ad fraud free campaigns.

How? tribeOS is an open, intelligent, and fully automated digital advertising marketplace that will eliminate the middleman ad networks and the massive proportion of ad dollars they siphon. With a healthier advertising ecosystem, businesses will boost their spending. As fraud is reduced, the marketplace grows.

  • Higher payouts due to advertisers being able and willing to PAY MORE for ad fraud free placements.
  • Reap an 85% revenue share with higher cost-per-click.
  • Enhance your users’ experience with new, fresh advertising placements relevant to the content.
  • For news organizations: monetize content and enhance the probability of high integrity journalism.

Ad Protector

Ad Protector makes your website resistant to ad fraud and attractive to advertisers. Ad Protector, our proprietary solution, is a suite of cyber security tools that stops ‘bots’ and even human click farms from draining ad campaigns.

  • Earn more. A LOT more.
  • Sleep well at night knowing your websites aren’t defrauding valuable advertisers.
  • Fully automated: just put a code snippet on your site and it does the rest.
  • The most accurate, comprehensive tracking platform ever built.
  • Access to the most powerful publisher tools and DApps available.

Gold Lantern

Gold Lantern is an ad management platform and web traffic tracking solution which focuses on attribution and ROI reporting. Its core functionality allows advertisers to track, verify, and report on the traffic they are purchasing.

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