Breakthrough Ad Tech #3:

Ad Protector

Identify fraud and fight it

We have built some of the most sophisticated ad-fraud detection technology ever. In a 10,000 website test, we identified 93% of the traffic as fraudulent. We create fraud reports that you can send to Google and Facebook every month. We’ve built a display advertising tool that automatically scores websites and ads them to your Adwords website exclusion list. This will help reduce the fraud massively and allow you to scale your display campaigns without getting robbed blind. The result is an additional improvement in return on ad spend and profitability.


Here's our big promise: tribeOS will help you...

  • Easily eliminate tons of wasted ad spend
  • Boost your return on ad spend
  • Save hundreds of hours a year
  • Give you the marketing analytics you need to make smart decisions
  • Gain a huge competitive edge

Do you feel unsure about this new technology?

  • You can run our system alongside your current platform, test split, and see the results.
  • Our tags and tracking code are harmless (100% compliant) in case you ever decide to stop using it. You can use UTM as a back up.
  • “Smart” adwords system waits till new ads have enough history before pausing old ads.