Breakthrough Ad Tech #2:

Gold Lantern

Trustable, profit-generating insights

Our 4-layered advertising tracking system dramatically increases your profits by eliminating unprofitable advertising and highlighting your winning campaigns in real time. Gold Lantern delivers 99% data accuracy: No matter how many sites you have… even if your customers buy a year from now… and they deleted their cookies

How we can increase your return on ad spend 15% to 50+%

Make smart, insightful decisions easily:

Easily see the your best performing channels, campaigns, and ads over time and double down. This means you can easily track your ROI over time, which no other platform gives you.

Easily see the worst performing channels, campaigns, and ads and cut them out.

You’ll be able to accurately track the performance of every marketing channel and campaign. Cookie-based tracking from platforms such as Google and Facebook are off by as much as 40%. Usually by over-reporting their revenue which leads to bad financial decisions and lost profits.

Gold Lantern solves 5 big nasty problems:

  1. The “cookie nightmare”
  2. Data confusion
  3. The unmanageable complexity of online advertising
  4. The mess of multiple website attribution tracking
  5. The ordeal of manually creating tracking links
Cookie-based tracking problem?

Bulletproof quadruple tracking system

The problem is that 30% of the cookie data is lost due to ad blocking software, 60% is lost when cookies are deleted, and 99% is lost when PLUS Adwords cookies expire after 90 days. Plus “cookiepocolypse” is right around the corner. Apple is killing trackability. We are ready.

Gold Lantern uses 4 different tracking methods to ensure maximum data accuracy.

  • IP based tracking
  • Email based tracking
  • Cutting-edge cookies
  • We have developed a next generation tracking method that profiles visitors
Tracking customer value over time?

Next generation ROI-over-time tracking

Plus we give you the tools to properly manage your budget by giving you “ROI Over Time” data.

What’s your ROI in 30 days, 60 days, 6 months, and 1 year? Without this data, you might abandon highly profitable campaigns and waste money on unprofitable ones. We’ve spent over 7 figures and 7 years building the ultimate marketing tracker and dashboard that makes it EASY for you to make smart marketing decisions FAST.

Unmanageable complexity of online advertising?

Manage and track everything in one place

It is impossible to keep track and manage the multiple accounts, hundreds of campaigns and ad groups, thousands of keywords, ads and bids and the growing complexity of your advertising without a huge PPC team. The cost is very high and the results can be confusing.

Gold Lantern allows you to have all your advertising accounts in one place (Multiple Google Adwords Accounts, Facebook, Bing, Email, etc), your team will no longer logging in and out, and you will not need more tagging of your Adwords ads.

Easily find your worst profit leakers and identify your biggest winning campaigns across ALL your accounts including: ROI over time, data aggregation, cross domain sales, and more.

Can’t track sales across multiple websites?

We track unlimited domains

Google Analytics conversion tracking was never designed to track across different domains. We built Gold Lantern with this problem in mind.

Gold Lantern never relies on just cookies. We have 4 different tracking technologies to ensure 99% accuracy. It doesn’t matter where your leads come from or where they end up buying. Gold Lantern will track them.

Manually tagging ads?

Gold Lantern automated ad tagging

Most tracking systems force you to manually create, copy, and paste tracking parameters onto your ad links. This is a MASSIVE waste of time. Plus, human error occurs in 5% to 10% of your manually tagged ads.

Gold Lantern automatically tags all your Adwords ads using the Google Adwords API. This means you DON’T have to add any parameters to your landing page URLs and, you don’t have to copy and paste a long tracking link.

You and your team will save dozens of hours a week from doing the manual “grunt work” and have more time for the valuable creative work. This also eliminates human error, which often leads to wasted time and money.